May 20, 2008

Black Listed


I was sending an email to a public school webmaster yesterday about some links they had on an educational page. Somehow the lady in charge had accidentally discolored all her links so that they blended in to the tables she created and you couldn't read them. They looked like good links, so I was going to add them to my Big-Fat Homeschool Links List so YOU could surf them and serve them up to your munchkins. I thought I was doing her a favor by telling her that her links were nearly invisible. She did thank me after my initial email (which didn't include a link to my blog).

When I wrote her back to thank her for fixing the problem and to let her know I was adding her to my site, I let my auto-signature go out on the email. It included a link to my blog. A strange thing happened a little while after I replied to her. I got this error message in my email box:


Wow. Black listed.

I stared at it, wondering if public schools everywhere are quaking in their boots? That is a bit egocentric of me, eh? I'm sure it was a fluke... right? What would a public school be afraid of my little ol' blog for?

Yes. I know I'm a dork. I was 18 in the photo, by the way. I was a dork then, too. I just wasn't afraid to let myself be photographed dorking out back then.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Does that mean you're afraid of being photographed now?

I am shocked & stunned that you've been BLACKLISTED! ROTFL!! That's pretty funny. You and your big, bad homeschool blog and community! Ha! Ha! Ha! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh man, if you only knew the half of the fear government school teachers have of homeschoolers!!!! My oh my! Take a look-see here: and by all means, join in if you care to.
It really is a shame that you were going to link her, and that is the final response.

And, just a little fyi for your friends...
Heather still looks almost like that. She has not aged much since 18, it's true. I know for a fact. You still look young, ma'am. No, Dianne, she is not afraid of being photographed, but you won't ever see the 'dorky' pics! I'm the same way though, LOL.

Black-listed! ha! And it took this long? I think I must just be black-listed all over!LOL!!!


carrie said...

what the heck? I don't get it. Crazy people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that means the forces of evil, haha in this case the government schools, are afraid of you. :D Good job.

Hilarious funny photo.


Sisterlisa said...

LOL there must be something on your blog that was caught by her filter. I know some filters will block email addresses as well. I have a few friends in a Christian college where they have a very strict filter and they can't get my emails at all. Nor can they see any of my blogs and mine are all very conservative. I can't imagine that you have anything on here that would offend their filter. oiy!

Anonymous said...

Get down with your blacklisted self!

Anonymous said...

What a truly strange email. Why would they send you a message saying you were blacklisted? I just don't get the whole thing. :-(

You're not blacklisted in my book! :-)

Anonymous said...

You really haven't aged a bit! Fun picture. :)

Of course you're blacklisted. Can't have those kids stumbling onto your website and being exposed to all that wholesome thinking and school-should-be-fun crap. Get with the institution, baby.


Kayla said...

ROFL!!! Maybe they're skeered of the homeschoolers?!? WE'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


Sheila said...

That is so funny. I think Kayla has it right--WE'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

They are intimidated because we're doing such a good job, so they would rather blacklist us than admit that we exist. But we do. We're out there. And we're GOOOD....

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Public school servers are weird that way. You would not believe the pains I go through getting email to my 3rd grade teacher friend.
And LOL @ your booth pic. Here's something that will make you feel awesome: the only way I knew it wasn't a recent photo was the color tint. You look the same!

MommyLydia said...

I suspect the school may have blacklisted ALL because they don't want their kids reading blogs on school time. I doubt its personal.

Sprittibee said...

MBR and all those realists out there... :) I'm with you.

I think that 1. schools don't want their employees reading blogs. 2. filters are higher at schools hopefully... my sidebar does have the word "s-x" in it! I have a post about teaching your kids about "s-x" from a Godly perspective. The filter probably caught that word and blocked me. ;) If the fact that I was a BLOG didn't stop the filter, I'm sure the S word did it!

I don't want to give the impression that the lady was not nice - she was really nice. :) I advocate peace between homeschoolers and public schoolers. ;) We have a hard enough job (both at home and at school) getting our respective jobs done to pick at each other. ;)

Anonymous said...

You're so pretty!!! :D



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