May 04, 2008

March & April Swap for HSBA - IRL Swapping!


Talk about going to the extreme for this past 2-month HSBA Swap! Try driving over 1,500 miles to pick up a swap present! That is exactly how I got my swap buddy's gift last week. What a joy to actually hang out with your swap sister and hug on her adorable children. Meeting other bloggers is the most fun ever. Especially when you get to meet a family that has over 8 blogs and writes for soooo many online publications! Three of them even write for ME at the HSBA!


The Dixons got me the mostest awesome box of fun stuff. Here's what was in my cool indestructible plastic bin (which was as groovy as the contents):

Nature Valley Honey Nut Granola Bars
2 Sketchbooks for the kids
2 Mead 5-star notebooks for the kids
2 packs of mechanical pencils
Above Rubies magazine
Ghiradelli Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar (mmmmmm!)
Scrapbook stickers
2 Smiley face folders for the kids
Travel themed scrapbook kit
1 package of clickable colored ink pens

I heart school supplies, snacks and Raspberry Dark Chocolate! You can't go wrong with dark chocolate in my book! Those plastic bins are also a big hit around here. We are always needing boxes for organizing things. I just cleaned out my son's closet this past weekend. I love to clear out clutter and put things in their place.


These pictures were taken in the Dixon Blog-Station and Internet 'Cafe'. They were letting me upload some photos to their PCs. See Jocelyn in the corner back there at the computer? Every one of the Dixons are such lovely people - inside and out!

So, THANK YOU Dixons! It was so fun meeting you all. Thanks for the swap present, the delicious dinner, the hospitality, the hugs, and the good company! We wished we could have stuffed you all in our suitcases and brought you all back home. Texas would be a much nicer state if you all were in it! Even the littlest of Dixons are SUPER peoples.


I'm looking forward to the next swap - which will begin next Saturday (sign-ups)... but I'm pretty sure I won't be picking the next swap present up in person. This was a one-time blessing. So glad to have photos and memories to cherish of our brief visit in Indiana.

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SuperAngel said...

oh how funny! So glad you liked everything! We had such a fun time getting it for ya!
Those are some great pictures! LucyLillie is so ADORABLE! Love that baby!
We miss and love ya guys! Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww.... I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay here. And did leave running at the door as soon as you could in the morning. :D It was so nice, after a whole year, to finally meet you in person! You (and your family) are such sweet, Godly people, who I am honoured to know!

I hope we see you again soon!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh..... you make me wanna leave right now to come down and visit you all!!!

We were so excited to be able to get you all some great things and personally watch you open them!!
I am sorry we didn't get a picture of you and me and the cute teacup you got me!!

What can I say?? I would love to be close enough to drive over! You all were so great! We love you guys too!

Oh, and I need to mail you Kaden's mechanical pencil (orange). And Eric found a pair of socks today too! :))

Thank you again, my dear friend, for including us in your Heartland Tour!! It was so fun! Hugs to the munchkins and Chickie too!
Love, J

Anonymous said...

I notice the chocolate bar was bold; that's the way I feel about chocolate, too. :-)

What an awesome trip and pictures! I can't wait to meet the Dixons in May!!



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