May 28, 2008

More Garden Torture, Including Photos...

Here are the rest of the garden project photos from Tuesday. We've got to get back to our regularly scheduled program: homeschool... so we'll be putting off the garden seed planting for another day or two. YES, I realize that I'm extremely LATE starting this garden. I prefer to see it as really early for the September planting instead. They won't sell me tomatoes, so I'm going to have to plant some from seed. Wish me luck in the hot Texas summer... with a black thumb...


First we rolled up the grass near the driveway to create our walkway (we had already been walking in it every time we got out of the car). I covered the ground with landscape fabric and pinned it while Dad returned the sod cutter and picked up the garden dirt. I then had 30 million pounds of crushed granite delivered. OK, just seeing if you are listening. It wasn't really that much. We put in our granite path in front and back (see the nice golden-brown pathway below?) and have a mountain of it still to figure out what to do with. I guess we'll sell it.


Great shot, eh? I'm behind the bush... putting more landscape fabric down around my already established Texas Lilac Bush (Chaste Tree/Vitex). I love them... which is why I have THREE. Originally they were for the front of the house, but we thought they died. Apparently they are drought and idiot resistant. Thankfully we didn't toss them before planting them in the back. The one near the patio is now surrounded by garden soil mix and will be in my herb and flower bed until it gets so big that the herbs have to move. Those purple bushes turn in to trees eventually.


The picture above is Kevin putting garden soil around my Vitex. Morgan took this shot from inside near the kitchen table (when she was supposed to be doing the dishes so she could stay in and not die from a heat stroke like everyone else). There's no telling how much Gatorade we consumed in the past two days. It was over 95 degrees, people. In May. Don't let these happy photos fool you... there was profuse sweating and much misery going on.


Kaden asked me, "Do I look like a Mexican?" I burst out laughing. The reason he said this was because we saw some guys doing landscaping one day that had towels on under their hats. They happened to be Hispanic. Strange how kids remember these things and imitate them. I think it made an impression on him - making him believe having a towel under your hat would cool you off when you were sweaty. I guess it worked - he didn't say. But sorry, he's no Mexican. The boy is as red as a lobster now. Even with sunscreen. I had to give him ibuprofen and coat him with aloe vera jelly. If only we had Mexican skin. It is no fun stinging for days and then peeling like lizards.


I started to put some rock between the path and the flower bed. I still have mulching to do, also... and the pile of sod needs carting off. We only got half of it taken care of. So far we have the following plants in the garden that we had in pots on the porch: 1 Carrot, 2 Chives, 4 Garlic cloves (sprouted), ... and in the herb flower garden I have chocolate mint, gerber daisies, and red begonias. The flowers were given to me and needed a home. They don't look all that great, but I'm not complaining.

I have a rosemary bush to plant, too... and a Texas Purple Sage... but those will have to wait. Until I can move my arms again. I actually nearly cried when I sat down on the toilet earlier. The backs of my legs are soooo sore (along with the rest of me). My husband is in bad shape, too. Poor thing has to go to work bruised and broken tomorrow. At least we can stick around here and do school in bed - with ice packs, Bengay, and pain medicine.

I wonder how long it will be before you get your next garden update? Time will only tell. In the mean time... let me know what your favorite garden veggie, herb, or other plant is that you grow in your garden. Make sure it is tolerant to Zone 8 before you tell me, though... or I'll just be whining because I can't have it, too. You don't want me to get garden envy this early in my gardening experience, do you?

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Anonymous said...

This year I've only planted tomatoes, both regular and cherry. Last year I planted some spearmint; it reminded me of the house we lived in when I was a kid. It has spread a lot this year! We like to wash the leaves and put them in our tea, or just pick them and rub them between our fingers because it smells so nice. :-)

Erin said...

When we lived in Dallas, I planted morning glories, zinnias and cosmos and had great luck with them. They all love poor soil (in fact, I lined the area with Home Depot gravel and THEN sprinkled in the seeds- they loved it!), can take the hot sun, require very little attention, and those last two come back like gangbusters when you dead head them.

I would plant other things that require more devotion from me and they never did well. I just wasn't interested in nursing them through the 100 degree summers.

But those three flowers have become some of my favorites- I still plant them every year here in MD. If you're looking for no fuss beauty and butterfly attraction, I recommend those.



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