May 27, 2008

Spider Bites, Sunburn, and Numchuck Bruises


I don't have anything on my body that doesn't hurt after yesterday's yard torture. I feel like a Ninja snuck in my house last night and beat me to a pulp. So while I go out and finish helping to complete the project anyway, please enjoy the photos that chronologize our adventure yesterday. Pray that I don't end up in a body cast when this is over. I think I may die if we don't actually get a good vegetable crop out of this thing.


The plan is to put in two eight by four feet Square Foot Gardens (loosely Square Foot - I'm going to just use string to mark it off). They are raised eight inches off of the ground. The garden pathway will be crushed granite. Sounds like a bunch of money for granite, but the granite is only 20$ from the place we are getting it. (Nasty Update: There was a huge error on the part of the clerk in figuring the granite price. Lucky for her we had already dug the path up - or we might not have purchased it in the first place... we had to fork over the cash and do it after we already pulled the yard apart.)


We used untreated wood to prevent chemicals getting in our veggies. Kev put them together with gooved nails and brackets. The flower bed up front will hopefully have herbs and edible plants if I can find them cheap enough. I spent about an hour looking at my glossy plant dictionary last night and drooled over all the amazing things we might plant. I can't wait until the planting phase!


We covered the areas we dug up with landscape fabric. We ran out of pins, so we'll have to get more before we finish it. We had to give up on the extra large flower bed behind the garden near the house and the one next to the garden path by the boxes. It was just too much work for this weekend. It stinks, but we'll get to that some other day. We just did the garden, the path around it, and the flower bed by the patio. You can still see the spray paint in the grass in the areas we gave up on. We have a plan for the yard, but it is happening very slowly due to time and money constraints.


Today my husband took off work so we could finish this... and obviously we are taking off the day from homeschool, too. Or I could call this a Science Project? Whatever works.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great ! Tell K. I wish I was there to help out ! We are at crunch time, only few days left, and we got to paint the apartment, pack, get ready, pack, say goodbye to family here, pack and did I mention pack ...? The Gs cannot wait to be back to Texas, we got to have a G & S giant grill+sleepover, the kids cannot wait ! See yall soon ;-)

Sprittibee said...

Hey G! We are counting the milliseconds until your return. We ate at Chipotle tonight to make sure we knew where to find them when you get back. Wouldn't want to get lost on the way home from the airport, right?! Keep packin' folks... keep packin'! We'll see ya when we see ya!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah - I am not the only one who has not gotten her garden together. You are further along than us. We plan to make the beds....the lumber is on the patio.....I have my doubts about ever actually seeing a garden bed. We're doing square foot gardening too - the idea being we can easily remove them and reseed the yard before selling the house next summer. LOL



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