May 10, 2008



"What's Twitter?"

That was a question I had to ask after hearing so much about it. Many of my online buddies started telling me about this wonderful service that allowed them to get every-day random thoughts, ideas, and information from their friends - without the hassle of a phone-call. I logged on and was part of twitter without posting for a while, until I learned that you could post your twitter updates on your sidebar of your blog - to update people in "random-brain-fart-mode" all day long.

"How cool is that!" I thought.

I began following a few folks I had met online. It was interesting to see their twitter messages - to see what they were up to. It was like a "fly's-eye-view" into their lives that I couldn't have gotten any other way. Now I'm hooked on twitter and am posting daily dribble through G-Talk.

YEAH! G-Talk! It is like IM - only for YOURSELF. You IM twitter and it posts to your page and updates your blog sidebar at the same instant. Or if you are on the go like my friend LJC of, you can twitter from your cell phone, too!

Check out twitter and see if you like it. We all would love to know what you are doing in your spare time. What you ate for dinner. Where the best gas prices are. What you need to remember to do tomorrow. Whatever.

If you do sign up, you can follow me by clicking the follow button on my personal twitter page. And if you are really in to making things pretty, you can even customize the look and feel of your twitter page template just like you can on blogger!

If you still need some extra info about exactly what twitter is about, click the "What's Twitter?" link in the beginning of this post to see a video by Common Craft. They did a smash-up job of explaining it "in Plain English".

See you on twitter.

"Tweet. Tweet."


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Anonymous said...

No! No! No! I'm not doing it. You can't make me. So there.

I keep hearing about it, too, but the last thing I need is something else zapping my time. Yikes. Funny that we both posted about social bookmarking/networking sites. :)

Unknown said...

Hi there! Was bloghopping and found your page. I've just started Twitter and it's not too bad. I held out for awhile myself!lol

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you've joined us on Twitter. Hope you'll follow our campaign.




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