June 08, 2008

Article at HOTM....Broken Tooth... and My Busy Week


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I've got a very busy week ahead...

We were the "Dr. Crash" family this weekend. Kaden broke his tooth tonight on some playground equipment and Morgan hit her nose at a friend's house Friday night with her knee. We'll be visiting the toof doctor tomorrow and hopefully Morgan's nose will heal up fine since it isn't causing her too much discomfort. It must run in the family with the tooth and nose thing. Poor kids. Kaden's grandpa smashed one of his teeth out on accident with a hammer once, and his uncle broke both his front teeth out on the sidewalk during a fall when he was younger. Kaden's dad broke off one of his veneers by grinding his teeth at night, too. As for noses - as a teen I broke my nose by passing out and hitting the ground. When Morgan was a baby I turned out the light and walked face-first into our shaker bedpost and heard my nose CRACK. It seems we are a family of very uncoordinated 'Bees'. No tooth or nose is safe.

Other than being busy with the orthodontist, family friends from all around the world seem to be popping up like posies. We have some friends from up north spending the night Tuesday, and friends from across the sea to pick up at the airport Wednesday. There is much cleaning and organizing to do before they all get here. I think we may take half or all of the week off from school.

During our busy week I'll probably pop in to share some pictures from our really groovy New England and Mid-Atlantic States co-op meets. We made some yummy food, did some artwork, and made map overlays.

Later in the week, I'll try and give you an update on the garden. I have a watermelon, cucumber and some unidentified herb sprouting from our seeds we planted a while ago. We are patiently waiting for more to grow... trying to enjoy life while we wait on the Lord. Hope you have a productive week if you are still schooling through the summer like the Bee family. If not - get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun!

Say a prayer for Morgan's nose and Kaden's front tooth if you think about it. And maybe for my stress level trying to get things done before our guests arrive! I can't wait to tell you all about it next week.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Wow, girl! Things are a little crazy around there. Your poor kiddos. Will pray for them.

Don't feel bad - I'm the queen of graceful moves and have come up with some pretty ridiculous injuries in my time. However, if you'd like a really good laugh, go check this out - http://antiquemommy.com/2008/06/05/poster-child-for-the-ridiculous/. It reminds me of something I would do.

Have an awesome week, my friend. I miss chatting with you. One of these days we'll catch up a bit, I'm sure. :D

Anonymous said...

Ooouch poor kiddos! although I've never broken a tooth I have broken a nose (and nearly drowned in three feet of water when I did it!)

Hope they are better soon!

Sprittibee said...

Yeah, stinks. It is going to cost me over 2 thousand dollars most likely. The dentist wanted 500 up front yesterday and I didn't have it - so I got mad and walked out. They wouldn't do anything without 500 up front! They cared more about their money than my son's mouth.

So I may have to get a credit card and go to another dentist (there are only like 4 dentists in our whole city in a 50 mile radius on my dumb HMO). If I use someone decent that isn't on my HMO, I have to pay in full. Which means I'll be adding another 200$ a month to my bills for a year.

And that isn't including the gas to get there and back... because our good dentist is in another city. If I'm going to have to pay that much to get it done, I might as well travel to someone I know and trust.



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