June 22, 2008

Garden Updates in Pictures...


It started out as sprouts... and now we have some growth. I took these shots a few days ago (before the weekend), and there has been evident growth since then. I'm hoping this one-hundred degree weather won't kill off my corn. We are watering diligently and praying for the best. I think I'll invest in a Farmer's Almanac soon... so I won't miss the September planting season. This has been a fun project - learning about gardening first hand. Maybe next year we can actually do things right and store up enough food to can, pickle, freeze, and sauce!

The Corn

The Cucumbers

The carrot Morgan had to pick to see what it looked like.

The Beans (black eyed peas and black beans)

The Sweet Potato

The Watermellon

I'm dying to plant more seeds. Anyone know what is OK to plant in the heat of the summer? Not much, I know.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, corn loves the heat. I know this because I grew up in Nebraska (yes, that's right, the CORNhusker state, LOL). Also tomatoes like the heat as well.


Melanie in KS

Sprittibee said...

Cool! I actually planted a ton more stuff tonight. I drew up a diagram of the garden and we planted the seeds tonight before bed. Too hot during the day to even go outside.

Well... I should be in bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad to see your garden is doing well! I linked you on the weekly. :)

Anonymous said...

*GASPS* glad you didn't cut your hair off! That would have been awful. I like it just the it is. :) I know I would hate myself if I cut my hair off. I had mom do it one time and she messed up so I ended up with really short UGLY hair. Ewww ewww!

Haha, Caleb LOVES that red hat. Been wearing it ever since TX!

Beck's Bounty said...

Amazing, isn't it ? Seeds, dirt, air, water, sunshine ---- FOOD. God is so good ! I find that pattering around in our garden just wonderful. Hope you have a bountiful harvest !!

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

We're in TX too and started our first garden this year. We started it in May with seed and it isn't doing too well. Everything sprouted up at first but hasn't gotten much further. Did you start with transplants or just the seed?

Sprittibee said...

MomtoCherubs - Yes, gardens are fun. I'm a lot less intimidated as I was going in to it... although we've had some setbacks lately.

Christy - Some of the things we planted were from seed, others were transplanted. I have a huge list, actually. Many things haven't sprouted at all. I hear that lettuce won't even sprout if it is 75 degrees and above. Our tomatoes we got from Wal-Mart and they are not doing well - haven't given us ANY tomatoes yet or even bloomed. The bottoms are yellow. I have one coming up from seed (right off the dinner table), but it is teeny tiny now and I have no idea if it will live. It had a twin that died off from the heat; I suppose.

Our chives and carrots were transplants, too. We started the carrot seeds in a styrofoam cup. Then we transplanted them into the garden. There were three. Now we have only 2 after we pulled one to look at it. New gardeners and children make an awful impatient bunch! No time for the plants to grow when we are watching them all day. Our watermellon was the same as the carrot. We seeded it in a cup first... then moved it to the bed.

The other watermellon (which hasn't done as well) was straight in the ground. It is holding it's own, though. So far, so good.

Our beans, corn, and cucumbers were all from seed. They are up and doing good. The cucumbers are probably doing the best. The corn is green and growing, but shorter than we hoped at this late date. We started it too late and it has been expensive watering daily since we are in a drought. The beans did well at first, but now they have these white lines on the leaves and some leaves are shriveling. Not sure what is up as I see no bugs or worms that might be the cause.

My sweet potato was from a cut potato in our house that was already sprouted. It has a pretty plant now, but hasn't really began to climb so I can train it on the fence. I'll definately plant them again. I put 2 cuttings in the ground and one cutting from a white potato, but only one of the sweet potatoes sprouted and survived.

A week ago we planted another huge number of things in the ground. I can't even list it all off what I planted. It would take forever (any of the seed packets that said June was the last of the planting season in the zone directly above us). So far, in only about 6 days, we have 2 new corn sprouts, 2 squash sprouts, and 2 new cucumbers sprouting. I also have 3 sprouted bell pepper plants in an egg shell in my window sill inside. And a 'Pink Lady' apple seed that Morgan found sprouted in her apple the other day. We'll get apples on that little tree in about 20 years, right?!

So all-in-all, it is going well... but we are watering daily, using miracle grow, and praying a lot over the garden. I even planted a blueberry the other day. I don't even think you can grow blueberries in the hill country.

Our Vitex are looking stunning out there in the back yard, though... and they attract the humming birds like crazy. We have about 5 humming birds that daily come to our yard. We have 3 feeders. They like the tiny, cheap, plastic ones the best. And we got a bird bath at Wal-Mart which has been interesting to watch. I saw a sparrow eating bugs in the garden today. I like to see the spiders on the plants, too. They keep me from needing bug spray.

I guess we just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. I'll be excited to plant another crop in the fall when temperatures are good for crops such as onions and lettuce. I love onions. I wish we had some now, but I began my garden much too late.

I'll be sure and let you know again how things are going when I get new photos taken.



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