June 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to a Hero


He can leap tall buildings in a single bound... well, maybe not, but he lifted up Kaden who is a year older and at least 10 lbs. heavier and had him horizontal on his shoulders! He also helped us with our bags, carried our ice chest, and taught the kids how to do barn chores. This little guy is going to make a super provider one day for a lucky young lady! I told you all the Dixon kids were special!

Help me in wishing handsome Eric the Brave a happy birthday! He turns eleven today!

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Jacque Dixon said...

Thank you! We miss and love you all too! and cannot wait to see you and the munchkins again!!

Love and hugs~

Anonymous said...

I found you, I think, on the "Scum of the Earth" blogroll & you remind me so much of my daughter. I sent her your link. Thanks to her, we have 2 grandkids, 11 & 9, Isaiah & Kealani, who have 4 chickens and 2 cats. So, I enjoyed that picture of your son with the chicken.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you thank you

thank you Sprittibee I can't wait to see you all again.I miss you so much


That was me above. I thought I had signed in. :)

Sprittibee said...

Jacque - :) No thanks are necessary. I feel blessed to have met you all! I'm really hoping we'll make your Texas tour! I pity you having to leave that farmland up there behind, though... the summers down here are awful.

Claudia - I had no idea I was on the "Scum of the Earth" blogroll. Man. Doesn't sound like something I would have put myself on - maybe I have some enemies out there in blogland. The boy in the photo isn't my son, although I sure do love him! He's a sweetie - he belongs to my friend Jacque.

Eric - :) (((Big Hugs))) Hope your birthday was super. We are counting the days until you guys visit down here!

Anonymous said...

You Are Just Soooooo SWEET!!!!

I love you!! You're soooo sweet to me, and I wanted to leave you a comment, because I love you!!! Thank you for posting this for Eric! I can't wait to see you all again. That is going to be lots of fun!! To meet the Spittibee family :)) LOL!
I love you're picture. The bee one!!! :)
Love you're sweet little Hannah
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...




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