June 04, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: Winds of Change


Winds of change.

I think about the change coming on our nation should a socialist, anti-American, communist, prejudiced man take office. Gas prices seem suddenly trivial.

I think about the past year - the difficulties I can't explain. Why was this our hardest year to homeschool? Home in Texas. New house. Settling in. Me at my wit's end.

Sounds like both problems are great opportunities to pray. Because change will come. Change is the only constant.

I pray God is not giving us over to our apathy. Let our hearts be near to You, Lord. Let our eyes be fixed on Jesus. Make us stand.

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Julo said...

I'm not sure I like any of my choices this election year, but I learned yesterday that Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate we've ever had. He was quoted as saying that if one of his daughters had an unplanned pregnancy he wouldn't want her "punished" with a child.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I believe that God is calling His people to a higher place, out of our complacent, comfortable Christianity. We cannot continue to sit idly by, while evil runs rampant. It's time to stand for the truth.

"I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth." Rev 3:15-16

Sunny said...

I say Jesus for President in 2008!!

vikkids said...

I believe it is very important to look close at the issues. Our current situation in all regards whether it's the economy, war,our education system, is scary to me. I believe we have started a situation in the middle east which has open a door widely to terrorist, simply because of our presence, the housing, gas and food shortages, are all out of whack, due to greed and deregulation. To top it off and more insulting I say to homeschoolers who chose this educate their children and in some cases because of the failing education system and a current president who made this last in his priorities. Now going to college is even harder and getting harder to attend for lots of reasons. All this bothers me extremely more so for my children. If we don't get out of the war and fighting, don't think for a second, a draft will not be considered, and my children who are 11 and 12 may very well be pulled into this situation. So I think our responsibility is to look at these issues and make a choice using our heads and making a wise decision on a candidate. I'm not voting or not voting based on gender or race. It has to be about who is going to turn around our situation now and who is going to hear what we want. Paying $4 a gallon for gas does not feel good, and $5 isn't looking any better. There are food shortages now and water shortages, what's the world going to be like in 5, 10 or 15 years for our children. We need to be responsible now. I'm sure many are upset because it will not be a woman president. However, it's silly for women to just vote for a woman when maybe she's not the best for the job. I want the best person. It it is a woman, great. But it needed to be someone who I could trust and feel good about getting the job done. Maybe it was Hillary. It still required looking and listening. There might be issues with all of them. However,is it one I can hold to the side to view how they will handle the issues? I have to. I want this slide in the wrong direction to stop.

Mom of Many Hats said...

Pray! Pray! Pray! There is no other way right now. Not only for this coming election but for the gay marriages that will be taking place next week in my state of California. My heart is so heavy for the families and lives that this sin is destroying. My hope is in the Lord and I pray for His mercy and that the people of my state will vote in November to pass a Marriage Ammendment in our state.


Anonymous said...

Still...rejoice! Remember Who wins in the end?

Sometimes we speak of prayer as if it's all there is left to do when, in reality, prayer is what we are called to do as an act of faith and in acknowledgement of God's sovereignty.

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and take comfort in the fact that whoever assumes office will not get there through man's effort, but will be appointed by God for His divine purpose.

Anonymous said...

It says in the Bible , in the last days they will have a form of godliness but denying the power therof...I don't mean to sound like I'm judging but I just posted a report I got today- TD Jakes has endorsed Obama. How sad, because unborn children have no voice . In Europe abortion is an everyday thing, they kill elderly people, handicapped people. I remember a few years ago when Dr Dobson talked about Euthanasia coming to America.
America- believers need to wake up out of their comfort zone and be a voice for Jesus Christ. Get ready- persecution is coming, and I don't know about HSing, I think we have to start fasting and pray for this nation. Also when we turn against Israel we are in deep mud!!!

Sisterlisa said...

My Pastor prayed in service the other day, "God, we have an election coming soon, please give us what we need, not what we deserve."

Some believe that America isn't a part of the end times. When you study the wars in the Bible that will take place, it doesn't mention our so called 'wealthy and prosperous' nation at all. I am already praying for the rapture to come swiftly.



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