July 02, 2008

Blogging and Burnout: The Bee and Peach Southern Duo

Over at the Heart of the Matter, they are instructing you to listen for the sound of Pajamas, Coffee, Tea, and Freebies … the sound of “comfort” in your own home. They are promising five fun filled days of goofing off by your computer with a cup of joe (or tea, or some other beverage that speaks of relaxation) while you pick the brains of the well-known bloggers you admire.

I laugh when I think that some of you will actually be talking to ME on camera and IM. There’s nothing to admire here folks. I’m just one of the moms in the trenches. I just happen to have been blogging about it for three years now. I suppose I have earned the right to share my Texas accent with all you blog-readin’ folk after three years of the blog chain and ball, eh?

My buddy Dawn and I (she’s much more talented than I - made the graphics in this post! - and has quadruple the amount of children)… we are going to be hosting some chit-chats about BURNOUT and BLOGGING! Two different chats… two different times… two different days.

HOTM’s first annual online conference is coming up in less than a month and they gave me a few free tickets to share in a give-away here at Sprittibee. And if you don’t win a free ticket here with this contest, you can still BUY one for 10$ off admission price if you do it before the 7th of July. Not only am I one of the speakers, which should have already prompted you to don your western wear and log in to Paypal... but they are offering freebies to those who purchase tickets, too.

I got a kick out of what 'the Amies' said about their speaker line-up:

“Our speakers are guaranteed to inspire, educate, and entertain you! At the end you will even be able to chat with them and ask questions. Please visit our new FAQ page to receive answers to all your questions, and view or download a schedule.”

Entertain, maybe. We are talking about a technologically illiterate homeschool mom here… with A.D.D. – and her trusty blog designing sidekick. Ok, maybe with Dawn in the mix, we won’t be completely un-interesting. Let’s hope.

So, if you want to join us at the Heart of the Matter Online Conference, click the link in this sentence, click the "pay now" button on HOTM (BE SURE TO TELL THEM SPRITTIBEE SENT YOU so they know I did my job). The early bird special of $19.95 expires July 7, 2008 at midnight EST. After that, you’ll have to pay $29.95.

Your virtual admission includes a goodie bag they are estimating to be worth over $80 dollars. Ebooks from Currclick and no telling what else are awaiting you. That and some laughs from the Southern Blog Duo – the Bee and the Peach (Texas and Georgia).

We sure hope you’ll join us in August.

Until then, I have a few free tickets to give away… Here’s how you can win them:

You’ll get one entry per item you do:

  • Blog about this post and link to it.
  • Share Dawn and Heather’s Graphic on your blog post and make it clickable – leading people to this post. (Just right click the graphic, save it to your computer, upload it to your blog or graphics hosting site, and put it in your post or sidebar)
  • Subscribe to Dawn’s Feed (if you already sub via email, just forward it to me or Dawn to prove it)
  • Subscribe to Heather’s Feed (if you already sub via email, just forward it to me to prove it)
  • Put our graphic in your sidebar until the conference is over
  • Comment on this post
  • Mail me chocolate (OK, just kidding – you don’t have to mail me anything)

So you could get up to 6 entries for doing those things – chances to win big! You have until the 6th of July, just 5 days away. I wanted to make it quick so that you’ll still have time to purchase a cheaper ticket in case you don’t win.

HURRY and WIN, friendz!

*NOTE: Please do NOT hotlink to these graphics. No url linking to the graphics, please!
*CREDITS: RSS globe graphic courtesy of Beaudenoir

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Spookygirl said...

Awesome! I am off to do as many of the other 5 things as I can. I already subscribe to your feed through my google reader..

Abbreviated said...

Interesting concept...

Love to do stuff in my pjs.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to add this to my blog but I am a newbie to all this!

Angie said...

I just realized that you wouldn't know who I was! So I signed up on google. Not sure if I am doing this right! Thanks, Angie

Sisterlisa said...

I don't see the graphics. :O(

Jacque Dixon said...

I do hope you ladies have a "peach" of a time!
The Bee and the Peach: How CUTE!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Spookygirl said...

Did you pick winners yet? Just curious ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry :)

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to post for you but Explorer is having issues with me right now. Anyway I would like to be included and will get the graphic up asap!
Be blessed!
Terri Sue



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