July 07, 2008

Homesteading Carnival: Lazy Summer Weekend Edition

The pool feels nice, so come on in!

Howdy out there in homesteading land... wherever that might be. I struggled with signing up for hosting this carnival because I "is a city girl", despite my twangy Texas accent. It has only been in the last year that I have grown a garden... and despite my love for cooking as a 30-something mom, I was one of those kids who marries unable to cook much more than hamburger helper, cereal, toast and boiled eggs. I can't sew, the only animals I have ever raised are cats (and some dead hermit crabs burried in the front flower bed), and I don't even have a green thumb. What could a gal like me offer a homesteading carnival? Not much, I'll tell you.

But that's just the beauty of it. Since I'm the host, I can just showcase the great entries that were sent in by REAL homesteaders (and take some notes as I read the posts for tips on how to better aim for homesteading in my own life). Even suburban Texas city-girls with tiny back-yard gardens can aspire to become great at homesteading.

And because this is the "Lazy Summer Weekend Edition", I really don't have a theme. I thought I would share some photos from our Fourth of July travels over the past two or three days. I've left some notes after each photo and spread them out in between our contributors' posts. I hope you enjoy all the links and images of summer.

Grandma's doggie dressed for 4th of July.

If you want to know more about the Homestead Carnival, please visit the official site. You can find out who is hosting next week and submit your posts via a link on their sidebar. Don't be a stranger - even city girls like me enjoy a good farm and garden photo. You could even share a recipe or home management tip... whatever might help a gal around the home, farm, or garden.

Little cactus in a tiny pot.

Now for the entries:

1. Carole DeJarnatt presents Egg Incubator Instructions utilizing an Electric Skillet posted at Fowl Visions.

2. GP presents Gear Up for Green Grilling posted at Innstyle Montana- Your Home on the Range. Here are some "tips to help you fire up a 'greener' barbecue."

Watch out for the boys and their water guns.

3. Dave Trenholm presents Growing Potatoes In Straw posted at Alberta Home Gardening.

4. Kathi presents Foraging posted at Oak Hill Homestead. She's trying to feed the chickens from her homestead's resources ("well, all of the animals eventually, but starting with the chickens").

A six year old Mango tree planted from seed is bursting at the seams.

5. Valereee presents Garlic Mustard Dill Pickle Relish posted at Cincinnati Locavore. A recipe "perfect for those small early-season cucumbers!"

6. SeaBird presents Harvesting our pineapple posted at To TwinFInity and Beyond!. She's excited to harvest her baby pineapple.

Mermaids on noodles try not to get sunburned.

7. Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips - Treating And Preventing Mosquito Bites posted at Tip Diva. She leaves us a bite on her article: "Ahh, summer. The sun is warm, the water is cool, the flowers are blooming, and unfortunately, the bugs are biting. The worst offender of them all is the mosquito, carrier of pain, itching and possible diseases like West Nile. Here's how to treat and further prevent bites."

8. AdmirableIndia.com presents Bangalore to Mysore on Bike: Day 1: Part 2: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Brindavan gardens and Krishnarajasagara or KRS dam posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

9. Stephanie presents Increasing Green Bean Production posted at Stop the Ride!.

The Plumeria is in bloom on the patio. Smells just like Bath and Bodyworks!

10. Miss Amanda presents My Learning Experience - 7 Cancer Fighting Foods posted at My Learning Experience. Amanda shares "a list of foods you can eat to help reduce your chances of cancer".

11. Homestead Carnival presents The Homesteading Carnival - Honey For Sugar? posted at The Homesteading Carnival.

We celebrate Freedom in Christ and pray for our nation.

12. Jacque presents Where To Move, Where To Move?? posted at Walking Therein.

13. Miss Hannah & Miss Rachel presents More Than Just Barns posted at Growing In Grace Magazine.

A yellow duck and a little monkey.

14. Stacy presents Lemon-Lime Sugar Scrub posted at Teaching Diligently - Homeschool Blogger.

15. Sprittibee & Daughter, Morgan present: "Morgan's First Cake" posted at Gathering Manna. Learning to cook is fun. Share in Sprittibee's delight as her 9 year old learns to bake a cake by herself.

16. Linda Fay presents... "Just stopped by to water the plants..." posted at Higher Up and Further In. Linda Fay is so busy homesteading that she doesn't even have time to blog.


17. Amy presents... "Things I Will Miss, an Introduction" posted at Amy's Humble Musings. She shares some thoughts about moving, the passing of time, and using her calendar to keep sane.

18. Ann presents... "How to Write a Life Story" posted at Holy Experience. She shares the heart of all things - homesteading's heart is the service and love to a people who are more important than the business of the day or the final end of our toils.

Hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Homestead Carnival. Happy July.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me in your wonderful carnival!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Texas-twang-city-girl! Great job on the carnival! I"m so glad you were able to host it. :) I love all the pictures.... too cute!

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the carnival. I have been so busy with my house construction this summer I keep forgetting to send in a post for the carnival. I'll get one in next time hopefully. Nice job.

Jacque Dixon said...

Super Heather!
Thanks for hosting. I got you all linked up on my blog!
What great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Carnival!!! Loved the bee-utiful pictures you used! Wonderful!

Miss you, and Morgan, and Kaden, and Chicki!



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