July 21, 2008



Monday. Another week beginning to "run right over me". I'm meeting myself coming and going. There are nearly a thousand emails for me to sort and figure out in both of my in-boxes (that makes 2,000). The other two email accounts haven't been checked in weeks (I have four). I'm sitting here in my pretty new office with piles of filing folders and papers strewn across the floor waiting to be organized into file cabinets. I have a doctor's appointment for me and my son at 3:20pm (we were up coughing all night). I need to get the insurance planned out for my son's front tooth crown this week (in case you didn't notice the missing half of a tooth in his lovely snarl)... and give him a blood test for sugar levels in the past three months. Oh, and the bills have to be paid today or the auto insurance will be canceled. No pressure, right?

I wish there was a way to just stop the world and get caught up. Or maybe a magic medicine cabinet genie that could dispense narcotic cough syrup... so I wouldn't have to go to the doctor (save gas and time) when I'm this busy.

So if you think of it, pray for my sanity. I'm feeling quite buried at the moment, and don't have enough energy to get everything done. Blame it on the cold and cough meds. It is easy to say "This Too Shall Pass"... but when you are sitting in front of a to-do list as long as the Great Wall of China, 'passing' becomes more of a medical term associated with hemorrhoids or kidney stones.

Ooops. Did I say that?

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Anonymous said...

OMW! LOL I didn't realize that was Kaden until I saw his chipped tooth! LOL

Brenda said...

Father God, pour Your peace and healing upon Heather and Kaden. Make them completely well, even this very moment. For You are our Healer! And, help her to rest in Your presence one step, one moment at a time. Thank You, Lord, for Your ever faithful presence. In Jesus' name,Amen

Sprittibee said...

Joss - ;) Yep, that's the Kmonster.

Brenda - I left you a note at your blog. That was so sweet and it made all the difference. Thank you for the prayers. I got a "almost clean" bill of health at the doctor today... so much so that she didn't even prescribe me any drugs! ;)

Kelli said...

How great that you got a pretty good bill of health!! Hopefully this will soon pass and you will be able to emerge quickly back to your happy buzzing little bee self.

Sisterlisa said...

LOL I don't think the world will stop long enough for us to catch up Heather. But I know how you feel.

MommyLydia said...

Hugs and prayers



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