July 12, 2008

Weekend Drivel and Saving America's Economy


We're listening to Lemon Jelly at a hotel... planning the abstract for an energy plan to release us from the evil clutches of foreign oil. Yep. I know the answer. But I'm not sharing it without some demands met by big government, cowgirls and boys. I want a life's supply of chocolate and no income tax for my entire family line. A few billion dollars might be nice, too.

If you are interested in America's economy and the oil crisis, hop over to Sen. Cornyn's blog. He's running a week of "Energy Independence Days" on his public blog headquarters. I like his spunk. If only I could have his ear for a moment - maybe I could talk some sense into congress. One can hope big things.

What else... oh, yes... we've taken quite a bit of pictures on our trip (like the one above). Smiles and laughs. Pizza and trips to the creek. Cousin Ty even stepped on a snake and lived to tell about it!

I know you have been waiting forever to see who won those free tickets to the HOTM Conference from my earlier contest. I have chosen some winners. Not like you guys gave me much of a choice since I have more tickets to give away than people who entered. So I'm passing on my free passes to Dawn, my Georgia Peach, so she can give them away on her blog. So if you didn't win, hop over to My Home Sweet Home and be watching for her give-away. The HSBA is going to run a give-away, too. We're just generous like that. And who would want to miss hearing Dawn and my Southern accents? Or hearing Andrew Pudewa speak? Heavy on the Andrew Pudewa. Because he's like - a REAL homeschool speaker... who won the best homeschool speaker of the year TWICE (hat tip to TOS magazine).

I'm full of plugs tonight. I know. I had time (for a change) to sit down and actually READ my Spring 2008 TOS magazine this month. BOY, that article on "Is Your Homeschool Ready to Collapse" by Diane Wheeler was lifechanging. I admonish you to pick up a copy and keep that article handy in your dayplanner. I know that's where it will be for me from now on. The rest of the magazine wasn't too shabby, either. Thanks for the encouragement, TOS!

I have so many things rolling around in my brain to post about.

Speaking of GM (Gathering Manna)... go check out my daughter's first self-made culinary masterpiece: a cake. Photos are at the site. She's such a sweetie.

I should be home Sunday night, but you just never know. These Texas roads are stretched thin across such a large state and I'm prone to detours and I'm riding with friends. The Lone Star sky has been such a lovely shade of blue these last few days. It is hard to imagine that the world has so many problems when gazing up at the puffy clouds drifting by. Thank the Lord for beautiful sunsets and sunrises despite our imperfections and lack of contemplation and praise. He is merciful and good.

'See' you when I 'see' you.

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