August 29, 2008

Field Trip Foto Friday: Natural State Expo


The photos in this post were borrowed from the Arkansas Natural State Expo Website. I was down town in Little Rock on the day of the fair and we happened to see the sidewalk signs. I couldn't pass up a field trip, so we sauntered in to check it out.

We attended the FIRST annual Expo in 2006 while we were living in Little Rock. It was part of our field trip list for the 2006-7 School Year. My children enjoyed creating electricity on a manual bike (lighting the bulb by peddling as fast as they could), working in the watershed tank to create pathways for the water with their hands, learning about gardening, composting, recycling, and hybrid vehicles. My favorite thing there was the local guy and his car that had been running on cooking oil for years! He was green before green was cool, baby. I stopped and talked with him for quite some time. He went around to businesses and picked up the grease from their kitchens - and took it home to filter it in his garage!


We didn't get to attend the Expo in 2007, but from the photos it looks like they had awesome animal visitors (opossom, owls, and other rodents to meet and greet) - which would have been an INSTANT hit with our family. We heart animals!

If you live in Arkansas and can stop by the Expo, check out the website under the title of this post. It looks like they are having another one in October! I think it is worth the visit.


Even though I'm a conservative Christian, I believe in being responsible with our resources, treating the environment with the respect it is due, and trying to conserve and give back as often as possible. However, that wouldn't stop me from drilling for oil in Alaska or off-shore on our coastlines. Because foreign oil is just as bad for America as plastic in our landfills. Maybe worse. And just think of all the new reef that is being built on the Texas coast off of oil rigs that are retired - all where there used to only be Mississippi River mud! Not to mention the price of gas might go down (don't know about you, but it is killing us!)... and then you could afford to buy a hybrid car. See? It all comes around when we make responsible choices. The Arkansas Expo is a great idea to get people interested in doing their part. We all need to be as green as we can be for the future of the Earth while we're on it!

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