August 15, 2008

Pop Goes the...

I'm popping in to say Hi. Another one of those random update days (plus some things you might not want to know), unfortunately. That's all I can muster on 4-5 hours of sleep. I stayed up last night to play Mrs. Pacman, Quest for the Golden Maze and went to bed around midnight... about an hour after my last antibiotic pill that the OBGYN gave me for a bladder infection she discovered last week on my first visit. When I get Mrs. Pacman out (which is about once a year), I can't just 'play'. I must WIN. So I put it in at 10pm and beat the game by midnight. That was my first mistake.

I had no idea that I would awake at nearly 4AM in pain. You just can't plan for these things. So it pays to listen to your mama and get to bed at a regular time - just in case you have to make a midnight trip to the ER.

When I woke up, I really had to pee. Being pregnant keeps me chained to the restroom - and it seems like the water goes straight from the cup I'm drinking it from into FULL ALERT mode down south. I have only a brief moment between cup and toilet. Which makes sleeping a chore. I'm sure you pregnant women out there can relate. Or at least I hope you can.

So when I say that I drank a glass of milk before bed and had a few sips of water... that equals about 1200 ccs of liquid (because we all know that you pee much more than you drink when you are pregnant). The nurse told me later that by 300, you feel like you need to go... and by 500 you are screaming for people to stop the car. Imagine how poor Sprittibee felt at 1200? I really needed to go when I woke up. And my body wasn't cooperating. I couldn't pee.

I tried running water.

I tried the shower.

I tried a hot bath.

And finally, after prayer and consultation with mom (who had gone to bed at 3:30am and been woken at 4am), I called the ER and told them the situation. Of course, they told me to come on in. What else do you do when you just can't go?

I know EXACTLY how many stoplights are on the way from my driveway to the nearest hospital now. And let me tell you - if my bladder hurt that bad, I'm SO BEING PUT OUT when this baby comes (I heart anesthesiologists)! It seems that pain gets worse as you get older and things aren't as perky. Trust me, you 20-something mammas out there - one day you'll find out. We aren't just whiny old people.

I told the nurse that gave me the catheter that she was my best friend. I'm considering writing her a love letter, too. I'm forever in her debt.

They said that it probably wasn't a side effect of the antibiotic that I took for the bladder infection. So what was it then? And they also said I don't have an infection any more. Good to know. Good to know. But that was the most expensive restroom visit and pee test I've had since I delivered my last baby 9.something years ago... and I'm not EVER taking that antibiotic again!

Sorry for the disgusting TMI in here today... but I figured I should keep a record of these strange bodily function errors in case I ever need a reminder of why I should be thankful. Normal bladder function is such a wonderful thing... that I certainly took for granted. So if all else is falling apart on you today - be glad that you can pee.

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jen said...

Oh my goodness... Isn't it funny how we never think about what a blessing it is to be able to perform normal bodily functions until we can't? Then all of the sudden we feel so grateful for them. :) I am right there with you! Thank heavens for the little things. :)

JoAnn said...

That's sounds horrible! Is everything working right today?

Stephanie said...

Coming from another hs mom who is suffering with a bladder infection at the moment... glad that you feel better! I had to read this post being thankful that my antibiotic just made me throw up last night. lol

Rhonda said...

I've had that to me and it was HORRIBLE! I was in so much pain that if I had not been able to get a doctor appt. first thing that morning, Griff would have taken me to the emergency room.

{{Hugs}} I hope you're all better now. Get some sleep and take care of yourself.

Mama Kautz said...

I am sorry I am LOLOL at your post....having never :::knock on wood::: experienced a bladder know what cause them don't you hee hee

Anonymous said...

Since I am pregnant and know the whole thing about peeing, especially at night, I have to say, I'm floored this happened. Glad you were able to get it taken care of and I will probably run to the bathroom from now on.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I am glad you got in the ER! Hopefully the antibiotic will kick it and you will be feeling better.
Deb at

Anonymous said...

I have been worried about you all day! Take care of yourself; hopefully this won't happen again.

Sisterlisa said...

So sorry for this but,... THAT WAS HILARIOUS! You described that so humorously Sprittibee. I'm so sorry you had that kind of night, but your writing is very creative in this one.

I could almost feel your pain, after having four children I do understand awkward moments of pain. Not sure I could ever describe it in such an entertaining way. snort*

Jacque Dixon said...

Awww dear... I am so sorry you had to go to the hospital and were in such pain!! I am praying you get better so very soon!!
Sorry I don't feel sorry for you about the labor pain though. I had Loolie at 38, Caleb at 36 and Isaac at 34. No meds. At home. It was a lot different as far as my strength goes and being tired(my first after 30 was like night and day to Amanda at 21!), but taking the pain was up to me. If we have more, I will also have no meds, and I certainly hope we can do it at home again. and I will be 40 in two weeks! :D Come on - you can do it!
Walking Therein

Kelli said...

I have had three kids and I will certainly say that the worst pain I have EVER had was from a bladder infection. (Fortunately I never had to experience it while pregnant) Hope that you are feeling better soon!!!

p.s. when the doctors gave me my epidurals I wanted to hug them!!!

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I thought I would share a few quick answers to some questions even though I don't have a super lot of time to respond to each one (but I do try to always respond via email to everyone if you leave your email address!):

Stephanie - I'm doing much better! Had to count and whistle in pain there for a day after the catheter, but at least I was able to get things "cleared up" at the ER and come home by 7am to live life as normal again (whatever normal is when you are pregnant and queasy). LOL :) In other words, everything is coming out fine! Hahaha.

Rhonda - Glad to know that I'm not the only one this has happened to! :)

Katey - I think there are lots of reasons why women get bladder infections. My mother's side of the family has a long history of them. :) Although I do believe the way you think they are transmitted (assuming from that giggle) is definitely a very common way to get them! LOL

Deb - The antibiotic actually is the reason that I had the problem... although it did cure the infection beautifully BEFORE it caused the blockage. Now let's just hope that I don't get a secondary infection from the stupid catheter. :) I don't want a repeat of that event, for sure!

Sislisa - believe me, it WAS NOT FUNNY while it happened. I don't think I've ever walked into an ER CRYING before. But I did the other night! Glad that I can look back with you and laugh about it now. Glad things are functioning, too!

Jacque - No sympathy, eh? I guess I don't deserve it from you... seeing as how you are super-mom with all those natural childbirths!

Kelli - that makes me feel so much better knowing that the bladder pain wasn't something I wimped out on. I was seriously doubting my ability to go through labor again last night! Hol. E. Cow, it hurt! I'm with you on those epis. No reason to cry and moan when you could play cards and fill out the baby book! :)

KarenW said...

I'm so sorry! Glad you are feeling better now.

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

UGH, you poor thing! And they don't know what it was??? I sure hope you are feeling better by now.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I'm so glad you're better, but reading your post is hysterical - you certainly did it justice in the realm of humor. Glad you were able to do that after all the pain and crying. I still find it interesting that God had me praying for you at 1:00 a.m. that night. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- after my first, I could not get my bladder to work. I totally know how you feel! They almost sent me home with a baby and a cathedar. (And yes, I ended up with a raging UTI thanks to my extended cathedar.)



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