September 15, 2008

2008-9 Year-at-a-Glance Unit Study Planner

I'm all about killing more than one bird with a single stone, baby. So here's my second Memoirs and my PDF post I've been planning, all rolled in to one.

Here they are... the plans for our school year - all in a neat 2008-9 PDF school year calendar. This is the basic overview of what we'll be working on as the days progress. I cut some holidays short so we could take nearly a month off around the time of the baby's delivery. Other than that, it is business as usual and we're just trying to work as hard as we can to keep up with the plans!

I've included two links here. One is my personal calendar with holidays, events, vacation, and all the unit studies we plan to do this year... and the other is a BLANK UNIT STUDY PLANNER for 2008-9 (just because I love you). Feel free to borrow it. Please do not reproduce or sell it. If you use it, I'd also love a tip in the jar - we need choir fees and used book money! No donation too small!

For those of you too busy to look at my lovely administrative masterpiece, here's the breakdown of the KONOS units we plan to cover in 2008-9:

States & Regions loose ends and leftovers...
Rocky Mountains
West Coast
Southwest States
Southern States
Seasons - Fall
Civil War
Reverent Behavior
Service & Etiquette
Town & Community
Wisdom General
Deception, Illusion
Church Architecture
Seasons - Spring
Plant & Animal Classification
Garden & Plant Growth
Seasons - Summer
Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Fun
Family & Church
Honesty General

We'll probably be starting next year off with Body Systems. But I'll have slept since then - so who knows. I change my mind like I change sweaters. I've already tweaked my schedule for the week since I wrote that post about it last week, too. I like to keep my kids on their toes!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're participating in the memoirs, even though you're a few weeks late. lol no worries.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, you are ambitious. I've done Konos for 17 years and I can't imagine doing that many units in one year. It took us 8 weeks to do a unit on Texas alone! I guess we just take to many rabbit trails.:-)
Hope your energy returns soon and congratulations on your coming blessing.

Sprittibee said...

anonymous - Quite a few of those are carried over from the previous year. We try to get to them and if we don't, we push them forward or drop them depending on how important I think they are in the scheme of things. One in particular (deception/illusion) was not dropped only because it was one my son insisted that we do. Many of them are also smaller parts of larger units, so they are not the entire unit (the regions are all part of the states and regions unit - and the civil war is as well, really). We have been doing the states all through the summer (very poorly and slowly)... so we have had a lot of exposure at our leisure and kept up our co-ops off and on all summer with friends. I'm trying not to drown myself in deep studies and am trying to avoid rabbit trails because I tend to veer off and end up making all the units 10X as long if I do that. I really want to see some progress - even if it only sparks their interest. That way they can read about what they liked in their free time and continue to learn without sacrificing our schedule. I'm following Wayne Hulcy's advice this year and trying to stay on the "train" and not derail... so we can make it to the final station! ;) I'm getting really worried about sticking to the schedule more as the kids get older. Time is so fleeting!

momteacherfriend said...

I enjoy seeing the structure of your your units. I need to finish my year at a glance. Since this is our first year of Konos I started with a 6 week plan.

You blank planner page is unavailable.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't use the term poorly to describe how you do a unit. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for some time. You do a great!!! job. More than once, I've wished we lived closer and could co-op together, but Virginia is a long way from the Lone Star State:-)
Have a great fall and I'll enjoy watching from afar as you walk through your agenda. Blessings to you from Jan in Virginia, aka anonymous.

Sprittibee said...

momteacherfriend - Try refreshing the page or deleting your cookies when you look at my blog. When I click on the planner, it asks me if I want to open it in adobe. Do you have adobe? If not, it is free. Also, I have the file saved on geocities, and sometimes when too many people access it at a time, it will shut down. I only have so much free bandwidth from there, so if you have trouble, you might come back and try again later. It just may be overloaded. :) Hope that helps. Let me know if you want me to email it to you. I can do that as well.

Sprittibee said...

Jan in Virginia, Thanks so much for the encouragement. My husband would love to live in Virginia. It is his favorite state other than here. Mine is Washington State. I haven't been to Virginia, though - and I love sweater weather and winter. So maybe one of these days we'll get up that way to visit. Isn't that where Patrick Henry College is? That is what comes to mind. I'm thinking of that homeschool college that teaches biblical worldview. ???

lori said...

no WONDER you are tired...whew...busy BEE you are!

Hey, let me know when you get to the SOUTHERN STATES..I'll send some "Peachy goodness" to help make that Unit Study a bit more fun:)

feeling okay??



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