September 23, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: The Closet

For once, I actually did a tackle it Tuesday. Of course, as always, I broke some rules. It wasn't on Tuesday that I did this... and it happened over a week ago. It was on that week that we hardly got school done because of the hormones and daemons floating around wrecking havoc with my poor 9 year old. Why do girls have to become women? It is so not fair.

Anyway, I digress... back to the closet with me. Literally... my closet. I probably went there to escape the whining and fighting in the school room. And like any good hyper-focused A.D.D. mental case, I SAW SOMETHING out of place - and HAD to RIGHT IT. It isn't like I had to look far for something that was out of place, either... since I probably tripped over things at the doorway to the closet in the first place.

Righting the wrong in the closet meant ALL of it had to be organized. Even if it took all day. I'm no quitter.

This is why I forget to eat, people. I become fixated on a project and can't stop. Am I the only one? Oh, well - at least my house gets clean this way. Even if I get near to starvation in the process.

On my list, I had been skipping over the part that said "clean out closet, get rid of too-small stuff, hang only stuff I can wear while pregnant". However, with the kids doing chore duty because of the marble (you'll have to read the story under the link because it is too long to tell here)... I now had a free day to tackle said list item. And tackle it, I did!

Here are the photos to prove it:


All the shoes got neatly lined. The pile was getting old. I was worried there might be scorpions in the ones on the bottom... so we shook them out. A spider or two, but no scorpions. Which sortof disappointed my son (who loves all things creepy).

I even sorted out the shoe shelves some. I still need to get to the make-up and nail polish.


Above that, we have all the pants and jeans I can no longer wear - indefinitely. The sweaters I can't wear (all but 2 of those stacks up top are too small for a pregnant belly). And the coats are on the right. Some of them are big enough for this winter. Some are my husbands. But that was redundant.


Then there are the empty hangers. Because I loathe looking for hangers. They all go THERE (or in the laundry room). Or else.

Above the hanger stash are pointless-but-pretty scarves (which I haven't worn in 10 years), hats (yeah, right), and who knows what else. I think our vacation Bible school costumes are in one of those tubs - which we'll be needing soon. Hanging in front of the coats is my beach bag full of purses. Most of them are retired purses that I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of. Others are seasonal or dressy - not your all-year type bags.


Below the purse bag is the metal trolley. I just love that thing. I used to use it in the children's rooms when they were little to keep their undies and nightgowns on in the closet so they could easily reach them. Then I took it over as they got older. Now it has my nightgowns (tops on top, bottoms in the middle, toilet paper for your bottom on bottom). Because of course - the "throne room" is just outside of my closet. That is one thing I love about this house. My closet is MINE - aside from sharing toilet paper and being generous enough to house the husband's winter coats. After all, I did take the biggest closet. Kevin's clothing and shoes (and junk) is banished to his side of the master bedroom so he can keep his mess from infecting my rainbow-colored OCD perfection. Just because the full spectrum isn't visible below, that doesn't mean I didn't try.


And because we have no medicine cabinet OR linen closet... I ended up with the pharmacy under my hanging clothes. The top drawer is suitcase and dirty clothes bag extras (little zipper bags for toiletries and jewelry, etc). Next to that are my bins for sheets and pillow cases. And a box of scrapbooking things that I'm behind on (to the tune of 10 years). Which is why I blog. Less pressure. Less cutting and pasting.

Above the boxes, bins, tubs, and drawers (and beside the ironing board), are the clothes my hugeness can FIT in for the next 9 plus months. Looks like a lot hanging there... but some are just oversized shirts that may not last through the next month or so as the belly expands. I think I have about 5 pairs of pants I can wear. One pair of capris that are quickly becoming too tight, 2 pairs of jeans, one pair of tan pants, and a pair of black church pants. I was excited to find a resale shop that sells maternity things rather cheaply. I got a brandless, used pair of maternity jeans 50% off and on sale - and ended up paying less than 3$ for them! They have turned out to be my favorites - which is sickening, considering that I paid 30$ for the others. And who cares if the pockets don't have anything on them? Maternity shirts cover pockets anyway.


Finally, we have the main thrust of my closet revamp. The shirts and blouses that I had to fold and remove from sight until I can loose the baby weight. I was blessed to have been able to wear a lot of the same clothes over the years. It wasn't until the last two years that my metabolism started slowing down. I'm hoping that I can get back in to some of these shirts - but honestly, many of them were too small to begin with. If I can't reach my target weight and shape by one year after the baby arrives, I'll probably be dropping a bomb on Good Will. Life is too short for clutter - even in the closet. If they don't fit later, I'll just have to give them up.

You never know. Breastfeeding does wonders for your figure. I lost 15 lbs. after I had Morgan (and I was only 2 lbs. heavier than I was when I got pregnant with her after arriving home from the hospital when she was born). The weight I lost was baby weight from Kaden's pregnancy that never came off.

Maybe this time I'll be able to re-charge my metabolism. I've heard that might be harder since I'm in my 30's. But with a clean closet and Jesus, nothing is impossible.

Now if only I could get my kids to stop fighting and finish Math in thirty minutes.

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Aisling said...

Wish I had a closet. Very few houses over here have them. we just have wardrobes that go in the rooms, rather than built in closets, and they just don't offer the same kind of space.

Traci Best said...

Spritti you kicked that closets booty! WOW! ;) Way to go making the marble day so productive!!!


The Proverbs Wife said...

Great Tackle. When a closet is organized it can bring a sense of peace to chaos.

There is no way you cantruly utilize all that is in your closet when the fear of scorpions is lurking.

I rejoice with you for your accomplishment.

Have a great day.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great tackle! It looks wonderful!! I need to tackle my closet. :D

SaraMinerva said...

I'm impressed!

And no, you are not the only one. I get started on something and I have to finish it. All else comes to a screeching halt. Otherwise I will get distracted and it will never get done. I procrastinate starting projects (organizing closets, or drawers, for example) b/c they are such a massive undertaking.

Susie said...

What a great tackle! I love the comment "clean closet and Jesus" those are the only two things that will make life right:-) I do have to say that a clean closet is a religious experience:-)

Anonymous said...

That looks mahvahlus! Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! You did tackle that closet.

You sound so much like me. I am a complete OCD person and my family hates that. I love color coordinating things and organizing with baskets everywhere. Sometimes however, I go a little overboard.

Sprittibee said...

ukzoe - Man, that would be awful. There are some old homes here that are like that (like really old - 1800's homes). Kevin's aunt had a big wardrobe from Czech Republic she brought over. I have no idea how she got it in the house - it was half the size of the room. No one wanted it when she died. :(

Sara - You get it from me.

Susie - never thought of a clean closet being a religious experience, but man - I do feel much better going in there with the floor clear!

fourhisglory - what's wrong with OCD? :)



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