October 24, 2008

Field Trip Foto Friday: Harvest Partying

It is that time of year again... time for the long shadows of fall, the golden evenings, the brisk sweater weather, and pumpkins everywhere. I thought it would be fitting to skip down memory lane this morning before we head out to the harvest field trip we are about to go on... and share with you some highlights of the pumpkin-laden past.

I'm in the middle of sharing the field trips that we took when my kids were in 3rd and 4th grades (2006-7). I stay about a year behind or so in here, so you'll have to bear with me.

Harvest parties really speak for themselves. Everywhere you go you'll find different people, different games, different rules... but the one thing you'll always find is great food, fun, and smiles. These photos made me smile this morning. I hope they do the same for you:


This photo was taken by Frankie, my little girl's best friend's older sister. She's got a great eye for artistic photo set-up. What a cute subject, too. Those braids are so sweet. Braided hair seems very autumn to me.


Doesn't Morgan look cute in a straw hat? Frinkles on her face and all.


I couldn't resist taking a shot of the bee wandering around the party. A long time ago, before we stopped celebrating Halloween, Kaden wore a bee costume. He was the cutest bald little bee that ever didn't fly.


And another little bee that was plumb tuckered out. This little sweetie is also in my spiral post. She's quite a bit older now, though. Babies grow up so fast! I have this passy for the new baby Bee that we have on the way. It could go unisex, right? Not too girlie? He'll have to use it anyway. I love it.


The terrible Texas trouble-makers. I posted another of these shots when we took this trip. We were living in Arkansas and traveled down to see friends in Texas. Now we live in Texas and see them all the time. However.... it makes me miss the Arkansas friends.... you can't ever have your cake and eat it, too!


Speaking of Arkansas friends... there's T! My kids miss all the kids in our Arkansas co-op. We miss the weather and the pretty colorful fall leaves. The hills and scenery. The slow pace and less congested city. Living 4 miles from work and saving on gas! We went to 2 harvest parties in 2006. This one was a state away from the last set of photos!


Bobbing for apples. And it was cold. My daughter's buddy posed for this shot. She tried her best and finally shoved the apple in her mouth (with her hand) and smiled for the camera. I didn't tell that she cheated. I was just proud of her for trying. I wouldn't have done it in that weather!


This was quite possibly the cutest pig I have ever seen. We visited a lot of animals at the pumpkin farm that day. Baby pigs are so cute. This one was dressed in fall colors. The little goats, chicken, turkey, pheasant, and all the other animals were fun to see.


Have you ever seen a prettier marking on a bird? This is some sort of pheasant, I think. I can't remember... I've slept since then. God is amazing. The colors on this thing were out of this world. My little caged shot doesn't do it justice. I'm surprised they aren't extinct like the Arkansas "Lord God Bird" (woodpecker). Good thing that hats are out of style.


And finally, the harvest kids.

Now get out there and have some fun this fall. Hurry - the winter is on its way!

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Kelli said...

What fun, what fun

McNabb Clan said...

I would love to hear more about your reasons for not celebrating Halloween, only because we are prayerfully walking thru this decision as well. we have never celebrated it before, but I'd love to hear your ideas. can you email me?? that would be the best! thanks

McNabb Clan said...

oops. here is my email: mcnabbfam@highrange.org

Anonymous said...

wow, i always love your pictures!! I especially love the treehouse shot!!
Lots of fun at your house!! :D



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