November 07, 2008

Field Trip Foto Friday: Hike and Trails


I know I've shared quite a few of our Pinnacle Mountain adventures already (see links below)... but this one was unique. Instead of spending all of our time going up the mountain, we also took the to the trails and visited the swampy forest surrounding the base of the Ozark foothill. We took this field trip in the spring of 2007 while my kids were in 3rd and 4th grades. Homeschooling them in Arkansas for a couple of years (while all our family was in Texas) was sometimes lonely, but the natural state offered us so many wonderful field trip opportunities that it was hardly a painful exile.


Not only did we enjoy our nature walk on this day, we got to share the time with friends who were visiting us from out of state. That is always a treasure when you are far away from home. Familiar field trip spots are brand new when you can look through the eyes of others who haven't seen them before.


The beauty of this place still haunts me: the jagged rocks, panoramic views, distant purple hills, twisted swamp trees, and moss covered cypress knobs peeking out of the water. It was an area we enjoyed exploring over and over.


This root photo was taken by Frankie - who also loves photography. She's a budding artsy-fartsy type and has quite a bit of talent. She likes to borrow my camera when our family and hers get together. Have I ever mentioned that I love to take pictures? Life would be so boring without nature, photography, literature, music and art. Oh, and kids ... and friends ... and food.


Our kids miss Arkansas and Pinnacle very much. It was one of their favorite places and they would always point it out as we drove over the Arkansas River in to Little Rock. We need to find a good hiking and walking trail somewhere near our current residence that might take the place of this old standard. I'm sure there are plenty to be had - and the terrain here, while different, is just as lovely in its own right.

If you live near Pinnacle Mountain in the heart of Arkansas, make sure you take advantage of this natural treasure! There's a lot of fun to be had on the trails and hilltops of Pinnacle.

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Oh that is beautiful!



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