November 12, 2008

It's a Toss Up: Nap or Check List Off?

Man, the last two months have been flying by at the speed of sound. I seem to have blinked and lost three weeks. My desk and email boxes wax overflowing. Every day this month (and probably next month, too) there is something written on the calendar. And yet... the laundry doesn't stop, the meals must still be made, school must still get done, and the house must still get clean. Funny how your house doesn't care how busy you are - it never gives you a day off.

So we took a teacher in-service day today. To fold, sort, wash, dry, put away, organize, purge, clean, sweep, vacuum, set in order, and get all those loose ends tended to. Sometimes those things just have to take priority. Now if only I could talk the kids into dusting. I'd have it made.

I thought about posting something light - more photos is always my first choice. Have I mentioned that I love photos? But I figured getting my brain in order would be a better use of my blog time.

So here goes the Big Fat November To-Do List... and these are in complete RANDOM order. Just like my ADD brain... hence the need to write them down so I can prioritize. The priority is in bold. Those are my 'next up's.

Hey, I would have done it on notebook paper. Typing just saves me some time and allows for clean edits and mark-offs. You get to share the pain with me this way, too. And we all know that misery loves company.


Finish reading Little House in the Big Woods
Get another black ink cartridge
Print letters I saved on PDF on the desktop and mail
Update calendar
Look up pecan pie filling recipe
Finish Menu
Help kids clean their rooms
Check Bank Account online
Set the chicken out to thaw in the fridge
To-do paperwork file on desk, sort, handle as much as I can
Do some admin work (posting schedule) for HSBA
Register for field trip coming up
Library books due - return them tomorrow evening
Return last 3 library books we kept yesterday to finish
Miss Co-op meeting b/c of swollen feet (edema)
Vote for favorite bloggers at HSBA
Finish laundry (Back up to 3 more loads)
Buy baby book
Finish grading, record
Finish entering assignments in records
Finish taking notes from book I just read
Start "Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach"
Pay bills
Study about Civil War/Texas with kids
Have them journal about the trip to San Antonio
Print photos for their state books
Post photo on food blog & link to the FGT recipe
Post fried chicken recipe on blog
Handle medical paperwork - submit insurance
Gift for Niece
Nursing home Friday
Sandwiches for Small Group Sunday
Plan for next co-op
Plan field trip for January for local co-op
Take hubby to work Friday
Niece's birthday party Friday night
Email sonogram photos
Hubby to unpack his suitcase (been on the floor for 2 weeks)
Kids to practice choir music like crazy
Email friend at choir
Figure out what's for dinner
Buy the kids binders, sheet protectors, and dividers
Kids to make book list
Measurements and weight
Mail Flat Stanleys
Clean and organize large inbox
Clean and organize small inbox
Binderize last year's school papers
Go through kids' closets and purge/give away/help clean
Remember to take vitamins
Mail prizes to HSBA winners
Post HSBA winners 22nd
Post Foto Friday 14th, 21st, 28th
Help with children's church 16th
Choir 18th
Keepers 18th
Leave town 21st, field trip, visit family
Thanksgiving, make Sweet Potato Bliss (Mmmmm)
Mail birthday cards
Iron clothes for holidays
Find babysitter for cats
Plan out next month
Print dayplanner pages for next month
Send sister's baby shower gift
Finish adding posts to index on blog
Blog redesign
Plan coffee with friend over holidays out of town
Oil change before weekend
Kaden's haircut
Homeschool, Keep house, Cook, Blog, Twitter - the usual

What is so sad is that I'm sure I'm forgetting things. And there's probably a pile of things hiding in those papers in my in-box. So without further ado, I better get cookin'.

Oh, and by the way - the baby is definitely a BOY. That was our news from yesterday (that we were already expecting). I don't want to even think of all the things we need to do before MARCH when he gets here!

I need to put NAP on that list somewhere.


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Anonymous said...

Love the list!

I don't personally want to make one for myself because . . . well, then I would see everything I'm NOT doing staring back at me, trying to make me feel guilty.

Lori Ann said...

"Funny how your house doesn't care how busy you are - it never gives you a day off."


That's quite a list - a bit overwhelming, eh?

momteacherfriend said...

We took an in service day on Monday.

lori said...

Oh girl...know that my weekly list looks like that....I don't even want to know whats on the WHOLE MONTH...I'm afraid to look:)

A BOY!!! yipee!!
You know I say keep checking off...naps are really overrated...
did I convince you...nah,
go nap:)

hugs to you!!
just stopping by to say hello!!


Anonymous said...

Whew, what a list, if I were to write mine down, it would be as long, with NOT as many items crossed out. Good job. I enjoy your blog and have gotten lots of ideas for our KONOS studies. THANKS!



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