November 01, 2008

Swap Supplies


Another swap has come and gone... and my desk is full of schoolish bounty: composition notebooks, a nice three ring notebook, permanent markers, erasers, white-out tape, bookmarks, pens, coveted and beloved mechanical pencils, and even a metallic Sharpie! Mrs. Traci really knows how to butter up her swap-sister! And the kids have been warned that if they touch the pencils, they might draw back a nub.

After admiring my swap presents, I settled in at the desk to get some things on my to-do list checked off today. It is slow going, but a new mechanical pencil is just the way to keep me dedicated to the task. Organization is easy for some people and painful work for others. During October through December, I tend toward the latter!

How about you? Did your October seem to vanish in to smoke? Here's an article from my archives to help you with preparing for the rush towards January:

Plan Now: Make the Most of the Holidays

Now back to that to-do list...

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Traci Best said...

Those Papermate Clearpoint mechanical pencils are by far my favorite too! I have about a bazillion of them because I don't like to NOT have one handy! I snatched those babies up (and a few for myself) recently on clearnace at Office Max! :)

Sadly I also have a Sharpie fetish too! The kids and I found a pack of 24 different colors on clearance at Michael's a few months ago for $12 or so...but when I checked out they rang up $6.99!! For 24 different colors! The silver I love to use in the kitchen to date jars or packages after I open them...or put initials on water or pop bottles so we know whose is whose.

ENJOY!!! :)

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

How fun! Office supplies are always a great thing. Of course, you probably already know that I have a tendency to overindulge in such things. LOL!!

October? Did we have October? I was still waiting for it. Oh, that's right, hubby and ClayGuy had birthdays and it all started in the midst of our move.

Actually, life is flying by so quickly that last night, I actually began to write AUGUST for today's date! ROTFL!! I seriously need to catch up.

Happy organizing and list checking! :D

Anonymous said...

You know what is so horribly wrong? Someone nabbed the stuff you sent me. I didn't get to play with my foot punch out thingy or all those glorious post-it notes. I guess it's a compliment to your swap skills.

We're using those little page tab thingies and the scissors like crazy. :-)



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