December 28, 2008

2009 To-Do List

Resolutions schmezolutions. I don't need no stinking resolutions. Lists are so much more fun. I'm all about list making (which you probably already know); so here's my BIG FAT list for 2009. I'm so excited to get it checked off that I'm going to make a shiny graphic button for it and link it on my shiny new sidebar when I check off number 5 later this year.

You can be sure that 2009 will be a busy year for us with a new baby arriving in the Spring... but I have confidence that God is going to pull us through. I get really pumped up in January - excited to start on the new lists and fill out the new calendars. Here's hoping that my excitement will turn in to determination and perseverance as the months drag on this year.

Want to make your own list for 2009? Join me. You can sign up for the linky here... I'll pick a random participant and mail you a special gift if you share your list with me. Who knows, maybe you thought of something I didn't!

127 things to do in 2009
(Key: Bold = Working on it this month, Strike = done)

1. refinance the house
2. pay off a credit card
3. paint Morgan and the baby's room
4. get donated crib
5. redesign my blog
6. redesign the kids' blogs
7. get book cases and organize both of the children's rooms, toys, and closets
8. eat at the Melting Pot
9. Get Photoshop and learn how to use it
10. Read 100 GOOD books with the kids
11. put the photos in albums
12. print the photos we have in digital format and put them in albums
13. have the baby and make sure to get photos of his wrinkly feet
14. experiment with digital scrapbooking
15. get completely caught up with grading, recording, filing, and portfolios for school (still have last year's portfolio and this year's to do)
16. clean out the garage
17. get the garden back in shape
18. organize the filing cabinets and put the new handles on them
19. get Nana's recipe for beans and Ammie's recipe for Chicken Parmesan, pasta and green beans
20. do a postcard project
21. earn some money selling used curriculum and things we don't need (took them to Good Will instead, but I consider it done)
22. get the Christmas decorations put away by January 15th and up by December 1st
23. find a really good homeschool groove (didn't happen in 2009)
24. take the kids to spin under the Zilker Park Christmas tree next holiday season
25. pick a procrastination item off this list every week and blog about getting it done
26. listen to/watch the Word of Promise New Testament all the way through
27. start a new habit of getting up at the same time and going to bed at the same time
28. spend time every day with God - prayer journal, prayer, meditation, Bible reading (made progress)
29. throw a party for the kids
30. finish GeeArt and start using Creativity Express with the kids
31. get pictures made in a photo booth
32. make birth announcement cards after the baby comes
33. finish reading the manual for the camera and read a digital photography book
34. do a photo shoot for money
35. pick peaches
36. find 16 ways to please my husband (this is our 16th year married - did pretty good, but not 16)
37. organize the bookshelves
38. organize the school supply closet
39. decorate Kaden's room and paint his walls
40. make window coverings for the upstairs
41. save money for doing our flooring next year
42. keep a correspondence calendar/notebook and keep in touch with family and friends all year
43. make some music cds for the car from all the music on my computer
44. buy a drawer full of new underwear and bras
45. get down to my goal weight after the baby arrives
46. spend time outdoors every other day
47. redo our school schedule and adjust as needed to our new routine
48. give the kids standardized tests
49. use a color wash in my hair
50. go to the doctor and have my moles checked
51. quilt some pillows with Ammie for the school room
52. reorganize my closet and sell my maternity clothes
53. read five homeschooling how-to books to inspire and encourage me as a teacher (3, not 5)
54. paint three paintings
55. make Christmas ornaments and bake cookies next holiday season
56. make cookies and take them to the librarian
57. create a new holiday tradition for our family
58. set aside a planning day for homeschool every other month
59. say no to something I can't do - without feeling guilty
60. get portraits made of all three children together and our family after the baby comes
61. fix the king bed frame
62. tile the bathrooms upstairs
63. do a web design for money
64. get a new PEZ dispenser
65. keep up with menu plans and weekly meals at home (eat out less)
66. get a Pampered Chef Timer and a rubber basting brush set
67. create a will and make sure life insurance papers are updated
68. find a good place to back up my photos online
69. learn how to use the video camera and use it more often for my blog
70. make Mary's carrot cake
71. get "Hold Tight" by the Andrews Sisters
72. finish the rock path in the garden out back
73. go swimming once a week while the pool is open
74. get a copy of our credit reports and go through them
75. buy five new must-have books for the school library
76. help Kaden find a way to display all his Lego creations
78. do give-aways on my blog more often
79. post a recipe on Gathering Manna three times a week
80. make a budget
81. do more with coupons/find more ways to be frugal
82. put school before housework no matter what the house looks like (man, that one is going to be hard)
83. schedule time for myself every day and keep a journal as to how it is spent
84. nature journal with the children each week
85. start doing a family devotional and reading time (not in 2009... but now...)
86. read a book with my husband about marriage and relationships
87. watch the rest of the Beth Moore videos that I left off in my last Bible study of hers
88. do a new Bible study
89. get a new set of beaded jewelry
90. deep clean the house
91. detail the cars
92. start Christmas shopping for next year - do it all year long in small amounts
93. keep up with emails and keep the boxes cleaned out (progress...)
94. print 2009 calendar, make 2008 annual letter
95. finish one scrapbook
96. organize scrap supplies and papers
97. have someone over for dinner every month
98. go on 10 field trips
99. go on a women's retreat
100. go on a couple's retreat
101. participate in flat stanley all year
102. height and weight measurements twice a year for kids
103. have the kids copy a book in the Bible
104. donate books to the library (Good Will instead)
105. buy some more lamps/overhead lighting and install it
106. get the taxes done for 2008
107. read to the kids every school day
108. have the kids read to the baby in my belly
109. baby shower
110. wash and organize baby stuff
111. get a co-sleeping playpen for the master bedroom, a car seat, a swing and a stroller
112. learn how to make dolmas (got recipe, haven't tried it)
113. declutter once a month (set a schedule up for it)
114. help the kids blog every week
115. get the loose school papers in to portfolios and binders
116. do some art projects with Morgan
117. let the kids cook a meal without help for dinner once a month (didn't do regularly like I wanted)
118. cook and freeze meals each month (only a few times)
119. go see the Nutcracker and the Christmas Holy Lands Village next year
120. plant my wildflowers
121. get a new phone
122. print this list out and start checking it off
123. add the rest of the things I think of later to this list after #124
124. reward myself with a special treat when I get half way through the list
125. clean out pantry/fridge
126. plant trees in the back yard and front yard
127. tour the hospital before going to have the baby
128. take glucose test
129. get hospital bag ready for labor and delivery
130. sell stuff we're getting rid of (older xbox, games, books, curriculum, furniture)
131. invitations made for parties
132. cat door installed
133. make a list of books for the kids of what they want to read
134. make a list of photos I want to capture at the hospital when baby is born
135. finish decorating the garage (hanging tools, pegboard, painting concrete & walls)
136. get a bookshelf for my room that matches our bedroom furniture (and a reading/rocking chair and lamp)
137. fix the dent in Kev's truck from the deer that ran in to him
138. renew library card and pay fee
139. catch up on birthday cards starting in January Didn't do it, but decided it was a lost cause.
140. finish indexing my blog (progress...)
141. steam clean the carpets
142. type a list for procedures/programs when wiping laptop clean (make a copy of the windows code from the sticker on the bottom before it wears off)
143. buy a cordless mouse and keyboard
144. do a field trip to a TV/Radio station
145. cook chicken and stuffing mock Thanksgiving meal
146. buy a baby book
147. go see an older friend who is home-bound
148. get another topless undershirt from Blush after the baby is born
149. decorate Morgan and baby's room
150. paint a mural
151. find/make bedding for the baby
152. clean off my desk - again!
153. get the new authors at the Homeschool Post set up to write

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog... and your list~ Inspired me to make my own this morning (unfortunately, this took precedence over getting dressed and eating breakfast :-)

Best to you and yours for a lovely 2009~!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I dont know if my To-Do list is that long but ill be posting mine soon. Have a Happy New Year!

Penny said...

I made a similar list at the beginning of the month. I'm like's more about intentional living than New Year's resolutions. Have a great day!

Sherry said...

I thought my twelve projects were ambitious!

Beck's Bounty said...

What an incredible list ! (said "by" a List Queen, of course)

There certainly are lots of great to-do's on there.

Be sure to take your vitamins ... it looks as if you are really going to need them. HA !

Grace & Peace,

Cascia Talbert said...

Wow! You are one busy lady! I love your blog. Good luck getting all those things done. I bet you will accomplish them and many many more in 2009. Also good luck with your new baby.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!! I need to put a list together of all that I want to do this year, maybe one for me personally and one for the family, so that I will be able to refer back to it from time to time. Seeing ones crossed off will be motivating and then allow me to look back on the year to see how much I did get done.

As soon as I get the list done I'll put up my link.

Elaine H

Anonymous said...

You inspire my. Came across your blog, everytime I stop in I mean to leave a comment but with 5 kiddos life is sometimes chaotic. I decided to do my list too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well I did it. First time ever doing the Mr. Linky thing. But hey its a NEW YEAR! - Well almost. Thanks for blogging. Now to remember that I have a list out there - and get going on it!

Rachel R. said...

I don't comment often, but I always enjoy reading your blog - every single post. :)

My list is kind of up in the air (we close on a new house tomorrow, and most of what we own is packed - including, apparently, my list for the PAST year - oops), but it's tentatively done. :) Thanks for the peek at your list! I always like reading others' lists for ideas/inspiration, and even more so when their values are a good match for mine. :)

Rhonda said...

I love your list and your blog is great. I decided to participate in this since I am such an obsessive list maker. :) (My list is much shorter though.)
Have a blessed day.
~Happy New Year!~

Mrs. Hewett said...


You've inspired me - thank you. My list is considerably shorter than yours, but I made one. I also used the Mr. Linky for the first time (maybe I should have made that one of my goals for the new year - something I could have crossed off today...)


Stephanie said...

This is fabulous! You run such a wonderful blog. I've got my list ready to go, and technically I'm stepping out and working on one (commenting, not just lurking on blogs lol) but I won't count it as actual progress since we have one more day till we start. ;) You've got a great list. I can't wait to read about what you complete!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Connie! ;) Best to you and yours also! Happy New Year!

Alva - Can't wait to read it.

Penny - I love that phrase "intentional living"! My keyword for 2009 is simplification. I'm working on keeping my eyes on God and priorities... hopefully everything else will fall in to place!

Sherry - Well, I do have a full year to get to the list! ;)

James - Run your life? HA! If only you could be a fly on the wall. I will check your list out...but have to warn you, I'm on a ton of other list sites and wasn't able to keep up with them. I always revert back to pen and paper (or keyboard and blog for accountability).

momtocherubs - List Queen. I like that. ;) I am trying to remember the vitamins! Thanks for the reminder. ;) I'm also taking Iso shakes with lots of B12!

Cascia - Pretty name! Thanks for the well wishes.

Elaine - I love seeing things crossed off. It is a thrill! Even better, I like to see PAID OFF debt! If I knew how to turn cartwheels, I would each time I get a bill paid off!

Helena - Thanks. :) I can't imaging 5 kiddos and that kind of chaos. But I'm about to know what it is like to have 3. I've never homeschooled with a baby or toddler in the mix. It should be interesting! ;)

Maggie Najera - BRAVO! Thanks for making MY linky your first. I feel special.

Rachel - Thanks for delurking! I love to meet the folks to visit. I know how it is with moving. We used to be nomadic. I've actually been here since July 2007 and before that we were in Arkansas for 2 years. I'm hoping I can settle in and grow some roots. My prayers for a smooth transition for you! Happy 2009.

Rhonda - Thanks for the sweet comments. I understand your list making obsession. I make at least 2 lists a day. :) Blessings on your '09!

Mama2Gems - Short or long, lists are great. Hope you'll have lots crossed off soon!

Stephanie - ;) Thanks! I am working on a few of my items earlier than 2009... I've been working on #1 all this and last week. ;) It may be the next to go! I am also going to take a photo of each one I complete. Not sure how you can take a picture of a refinanced house, though. LOL

Shannon said...

Thanks for the list - it inspired me, and I got some great ideas from you too (like read my camera manual)!
Blessings to you and your family in 2009!

Teresa said...

Oh Happy New Year! I came across your site by googling to do list, wow, your list was so inspiring!!! I already created mine and I know it will be a continued work in progress! Thank you so much! I hope to visit your site more throughout the year!

hsmom3 said...

I'm new to blogging but I have been following yours for a while now. I didn't list that much on my to do list. I may add to it another day.
Blessings, Cheryl

Mousetower said...

First thing on my list afterwork tomorrow is to make a list. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!

I LOVE lists :)

I look forward to you blogging about getting the procrastination things on the list done. Saying that is good motivation to do them! Maybe I should add that to my list....

And do tell us when you design a blog for money - I want to see it.

Enjoy your day.

Lorie said...

I love the list! I always forget the things I want to do..especially plans for next Christmas!

What a great idea!

Torie said...

I enjoy lists & organization in general. When I made my list today, I realized that so many of my goals for this year are humorous (sp?). Apparently I need to add learning how to use spell check to that list as well. Anyways, thanks for the inspiration to list. May your year be full of list-fulfillment!

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and made a page for this since I actually wound up with 2 different posts about this. The page can be found at

Elaine H

Anonymous said...

Much fun! Thanks for the encouragement. I have made my list and posted it.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Well, mine is a work-in-progress, but here it is. Not nearly as long as yours . . . yet. I'm sure if I re-read yours, I'll come up with more items for mine! Ha! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this list. It was an inspiration to me! I made my list...I'm sure I'll be adding to it, but it's a start. I'm going to start breaking it down into manageable pieces now. I didn't have any success using Mr. Linky, so I wasn't able to link my list. Sorry!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

So where do I sign the Mr Linky? All I can find is how to view the current linked people. I did include mine in your comments, but can't sign a linky. :-(

Anonymous said...




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