December 10, 2008

I Swear There's a Desk Under This Mess


I told myself this morning that my 'secret mission' was to clean up the desk. That involves more than just throwing everything in a box or drawer (that's how the man cleans up). It involves actually DOING the stuff that is in the piles (which is why they are piles in the first place). That's why when I clean my desk it is a day-long project (sometimes longer). I dread the bills, taxes, checkbook, mail, paperwork, grading, and endless other secretarial tasks that await me beside my computer when I sit down. Don't you? I mean after all... the computer is fun. Paperwork is NOT. So it goes... me sitting down to get things done... and winding up... blogging (ahem,...), or blog designing (like last night when these photos were taken), or... emailing (hey - some email is 'justifiable').

These classified photos of the target area were taken last night while everyone was sleeping.


I have my work cut out for me today in digging out of this mess. But, I thought if I posted photos of my embarrassingly messy work station, that I would have the courage to take on this 'secret mission' and the accountability I need to get it done before the day is out.

Here is what the mission entails...


Find the printer.... climb paper-stack mountain... restore peace to the in-box. Makes me wish my trash can was labeled 'in' like that old comic.


I think this area will require some computer work (which will be dangerous considering that it will tempt me to give up and play) - that stack is rolodex papers, mail that needs to be responded to, a binder that needs organizing, and a box of choxie that needs eating. I work for dark chocolate flakey truffles.


What's wrong in this picture?


Not to mention the uneaten banana (I even forget to eat healthy snacks when I'm blogging and twittering). And that poor snowman has fallen and he can't get up. Looks like I have my work cut out for me because I don't even know what's in that stack.

Hey! There's a package of Jason's Deli graham crackers under that mail! Cool. At least I won't have to stop for lunch. Banana, crackers, my big tall glass of ice water and chocolate truffles will hold me over.

Wish me success on this dangerous and scary adventure.

Hopefully I'll have a clean desk photo for you tomorrow.... and all the world will be right again.

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Anonymous said...

are we related because we have the desk problem. I hate paperwork and almost always get distracted! Good luck, can't wait to see the after shots! The might motivate me!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Um so I guess I should feel good that I am not the only who gets attacked by papers!LOL

My desk can literally pile up over night! I don't know how it happens. I love your wall color and I think I already told you I love you picture line across your desk.

I think I am going to invent a spray that makes papers disappear!

Sprittibee said...

Toni: I told you that we were related. But you are always making me look bad. You're the "better" sister. LOL

Beth: I LOVE your spray idea! Holy COW! I would buy a case!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hey! All your papers are in one place! That makes you ORGANIZED already! :]

Anonymous said...

This looks EXACTLY like the mess that is on my scraptable where my Christmas cards are desperately trying to me made!!! :D
You are not alone! lol.

Tracy said...

Exactly what I have been doing for 2 days now! I see a dent! YEAH! Good luck, don't get bit by anything!

Sprittibee said...

Mrs. C - Wow. I never thought about it that way, but you are right. At least they are in the same area of the house. LOL

Scrappymom - My Christmas cards last year went out late... but the LETTER that I write annually didn't make it out until JUNE. LOL I sent it via email b/c I couldn't afford the postage. LOL

Tracy - 2 Days? Awww.. that's not good news. The only thing that will bite around here is UNDER the desk (my cat). :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I really like the hanging above your desk. And my desk would look just like that if it weren't for my OCD husband. He'd just sweep that all straight into the trash can so it keeps me at least shoving my mess where it can't immediately be seen!

Ahermitt said...

oh thank goodness! I am not alone!

Sisterlisa said...

What's wrong with the picture? There's no coffee cup. Not even DeCaf? ;O)

lori said...

Hey AT LEAST you had lunch buried under there!! any chocolate??? come on...there had to be something!

how DOES it get like that? I often wonder myself:D

Anonymous said...

My desk looks even worse and what is worse is that now I can't find some important papers - like the phone so I have to take a trip to the phone co. to pay it. :rolleyes:

I really need to get over there and begin tackling it soon as the year is quickly coming to an end.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

LOL!! That's pretty much the norm for my desk. Sadly, when I clean it up, I can no longer find anything. Yet when it's a disaster, I usually have a better chance of locating things. Go figure.

All the best to you in your crazy, mad adventure to the pinnacle of a tidy and organized desk! :D



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