December 08, 2008

Quarter for your Quandary


My husband has a keen sense of wit. He also knows me really well after nearly 17 years (16 of which - coming up this January - we've been married). He's a good dad, so he tries to give the kids fatherly advice when he can help them out. Yesterday was no exception.

We had just come home from lunch after church (Chipotle, mmmmm). I had been walking around in those high-zippered boots with my sausage pregnancy legs and was super tired. I sat down at my computer to zone out and goof off until dinner time. Suddenly I was thirsty. But going downstairs seemed like traveling to the Amazon to hunt for extinct rain-forest animals.

I blurted out in my moment of sheer lazy exhaustion, "First kid to bring me a glass of ice cold water gets 25 cents!" Yeah. I'm a big spender. Unfortunately my kids have learned the value of money at nearly 10 and 12. Seems like household chores keep getting more expensive for me.

Kaden was playing pc games already and Morgan was watching Daddy on the X-Box. Not a sound could be heard besides the peeling out of race-car wheels and techno music. Morgan didn't even turn around when she said, "Won't work on me" matter-of-factly. Kaden said nothing from his room (which was within earshot); having perfected the art of ignoring me.

Daddy chuckled as I sat there looking at them - a helpless, thirsty, pregnant lady in distress.

"You better get up and get her some water. Take the money while you can. You are fixing to do it for free." He warned Morgan.

Morgan thought about it and said, "Yeah, you're right." She reluctantly got up to go fetch me a glass downstairs.

It pays to listen to good advice.

... speaking of good advice... be sure to hop over to the Homeschool Post and share a link with pictures of your Christmas decor. We might even be doing a give-away over there soon if I can get a graphic made. First things, first, though - bills, checkbook and finalizing the HSBA prizes! See you over at the Post later!

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SaraMinerva said...

Yeah, come April she's going to be doing a lot of helping for free. I'm thinking a quarter is a good deal!

jolincountry said...

Oh my! This made me LOL! Too funny!
Although it only works sometimes, I usually try to bribe my kids with "Out of the kindness of your heart will you..." :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh! wow! I think that i might have to try this out. my kids are kinda useless...and at least at 8 and 4 they would still love a quarter! :D

Traci Best said...

I am fortunate that my three are (pretty much) still in the phase where they WANT to be Mommy's helper! I am trying to enjoy it because I know it won't last for long!

I keep stareing at that quarter and wondering....WHICH STATE IS IT??? LOL Can you tell we are trying to finish our collection of all 50 states?? :)


Coach Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coach Mom said...

Your blog is great! I gave you a "Butterfly Award".

I tried to leave another comment about it, but as usual doing too many things at once...who knows what happened!

Anonymous said...

Smart kid! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL A woman after my own heart. Last week, I offered my kids $2 each to clean the basement playroom. The rules were: done neatly, without complaining and in a timely manner without reminders.

They weren't going to take me up on my offer until I kindly pointed out that they could do it on that day for $2 (knowing we were going out to dinner at a place with a game room) or they could wait until the next day and do it for free.

They opted for the $2 when it was put that way. ;-)

Sprittibee said...

Sara - yes - they do free chores a lot. :) Trust me!

Jolincountry - :) I like your phrase better (only not sure it would work with my kids... maybe sometimes?)

Scrappymom - 8 and 4 is so sweet. Hope they stay that way for you for a long time!

Traci - :) Morgan helped me cook tonight, but Kaden had to be threatened with the loss of video games until Sunday to make him finish the laundry and make a bed. :) The quarter was from CA! ;)

Coachmom - Gracias! Sweet of you!

Nikowa - Too smart for their own good.

Kris - sounds like your kids and mine need to get together and go bowling. LOL



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