January 26, 2009

Baby on my Mind


Seems like an eternity since I posted in here... even though it was last Friday. The weekend was a buzz of activity. This little bee is tuckered out. We had a scrapbooking night at our house for co-op (and got nothing much done besides brainstorming and making a mess), helped friends move (and ate lots of greasy Sonic burgers that we regretted later), went to church (and had to cut my hose off with scissors because they hurt so bad on my gargantuan belly), and had a little baby shower at my church in honor of the little bee (where I had 2 slices of cake and enough butter cream icing to kill an elephant).


I'm excited that now I have one or two of every size of diapers waiting for my little Viking. He got some cute little clothes, too. I'm aiming for a closet full so I don't have to shop for them any time soon. Have you SEEN how much diapers cost these days?

It's laundry day today in between our homeschooling and organizing. The laundry is completely out of hand around here since we were gone all weekend.

Tomorrow is our carschool day... choir, doctor, social, errands... and I'm hoping I can talk the doctor in to a sonogram. I've been antsy about delivery lately - wondering if I need to have a NICU available just in case, wondering how my old body will hold up to the strain of childbirth, wondering if my pain tollerance has gone down since my 20's...

I fluctuate from worried thoughts to motherly thoughts. Who will he look like? What color hair will he have? What kind of temperment will he have? How will he fit in our homeschool schedule? How will his siblings feel once he gets here? How hard will it be to travel and do our weekly outside activities with a wee baby in tow? How similar will he be to his brother or sister in personality?

And then there is the paperwork side of children... the cost, the insurance, the medical red tape, the certificates and forms, ...

I was talking over email this past weekend, telling some of my fellow authors at the HOTM that I have not been contributing lately because I can't seem to think of anything much to share. My mind is stuck in the delivery room, the baby's dresser, and the fog of anticipation.

Mostly I'm just trying to nest and finish all the projects that have to be done before he gets here. The bookcases, furniture rearranging, organizing, cleaning, painting, appointments, showers and cards, packing, preparations, and paperwork.

My brain is full of questions lately....

What do you take to the hospital when you are delivering?

What are all the new must-have baby items that I don't even know about because my last one was 10 years ago?

Will I be ready if he comes early?

Do I have enough time to finish the baby room?

How can I keep the kids on task and encourage them to help me get projects done while I'm so busy?

Where can I find a crew of people to help me with my projects who will work for brownies and milk?

Lots to think about. Lots to do. So..... tomorrow come back by for a children's book give-away and hopefully I can stop talking baby and start getting back to some normal blogging in between my maternity posts. Sorry if you (like me before this pregnancy) are no where near baby days and this is boring you to tears!

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lori said...

Don't we all go through that about this time?? You will soar through this brilliantly...and most of all HE will be LOVED...ya'll will adjust and begin a new chapter in the book of your lives...what a wonderful thought...put those anxious thoughts to bed...
oh, and on another note...you have an EXCUSE about running out of things to write about at HOTM...I'm not pregnant...any excuses for me????
:) LOL

Anonymous said...

Things to pack:

For you:
comfy jammies
your own pads (I hated the hospital ones)
undies (especially nursing bras)
comfy clothes to come home in
cell phone/charger
addresses/phone numbers
camera/extra batteries

For the viking:
enough diapers to make the trip home
going home outfit
a couple of blankets
baby nail clippers
a couple of onesies
outfit for newborn pictures
diaper rash cream
burp cloths
boppy pillow if you're nursing

There may be something I'm missing but that should be the gist of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Just take it easy, the last few months can be hard. One baby neccessity I recommend is moby wrap or mayaa sling(I like both). The are great for baby wearing and homeschool. I still wear my 9mo sometimes to keep her out of stuff.
After eating bad (greasy,spicy) food sit upright for an hour at least(that helped me).

Traci Best said...

Whatever you do...don't forget the charger for the cell phone, camera, charger or extra batteries for your camera and laptop!

We MUST HAVE PICTURES young lady! :) Like ASAP! LOL! ;)


KarenW said...

Well, my baby days are long gone. My last one was 10 years ago too but your posts aren't boring me. The good news is that at 35 years old, it was my easiest delivery with only 3 hours of labor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
Just breathe and pray. You'll be okay. I had my only babies at 40 and 41 (I married late). I was scared to death - of course - but it was okay. Three and a half years later, I can look back and see how God took care of everything. It's not always easy, but God always does His part. Just try not to get caught up in worrying. It doesn't help. I know.
Many Blessings,

SaraMinerva said...

I am going to second Amanda's entire comment :) Every single item on her list.
And something to do before you go to the hospital--take a profile picture. B/c you are positively glowing and lovely, even if you don't think so. :)
I can't think of anything super special that would be any more important than 10 years ago. Babies and their needs don't really change. Do you have a Boppy pillow??? I have two if you need one. They are the awesomest invention ever.

MommyLydia said...

I missed a few "must have" pictures of Obed that I miss to this day. You might give a list to someone else of the pictures you want to make sure to catch.

1. The Family with the brand new baby -- we have my husband with the baby and me with the baby, but no good picture of the three of us together, smiling at the camera. (the closest we get shows too much skin to be modest. And it was a caught-on-the run picture so is not what I wanted)

2. Baby in his going home outfit.

3. THe Baby's first trip in the car picture. We got the baby in the car seat, but not installed in the car and I miss that, not.

There are no new must-have items. Babies, as always, need only somewhere to sleep, something to wear, something to sleep, and somewhere to poop. But there are many things that are VERY useful to have to make things easier.

One for taking to the hospital: Lanolin for your breasts. Safe for the kid to drink off of and it works beautifully!

MommyLydia said...

PS oh and if you want the handprints/footprints recorded, get the stuff to do that set up ahead of time. Maybe give it as a task to someone else to remember. I never got around to it :(

Anonymous said...

a sling for the baby
a yard and 1/4 of flannel for wrapping the baby in borrito style (the little dinky blankets fit for a month, a yard + fits until toddlerhood),
a big fat book to read when your too hyped to sleep and viking is nursing so you aren't watching cspan at 3 am.
slip on clogs to wear home from the hospital (foot swelling remember?)
I think that covers the important stuff when added to everyone elses comments.

Lynn said...

I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Go to my blog @ www.ladybug-chronicles.blogspot.com to grab the icon...
And also learn more about this :)

Autumn said...

Hi, mama. How good is the Lord to return us to a familiar place. A long time ago I found your blog and it brought me so much peace about homeschooling. Something about you really connected with me. I then got busy running my cloth diaper blog and stopped reading other blogs. Tonight as I was reading a blog (something I picked back up 3 days ago) I saw a link to your blog. What an awesome blessing that you are expecting! We are expecting #4 in about 5 weeks. I plan on diving back into your blog to catch up a bit! I don't know if you are going to use cloth diapers, but if you are and have questions let me know.

God Bless,
Autumn Beck



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