January 09, 2009

Funky Fotoless 'Field Trip Foto Friday'

You'll have to forgive me WAY up front for my lack of energy to complete an articulate sentence tonight. I'm just sayin'.

I'm a big bundle of backache and baby weight. It was a busy day. I couldn't find time any earlier today for posting my letter 'B' photo or even blogging random updates - so I'm tacking some in to this FTFF post instead. Like you need to be bored to tears on Friday night.

I spent the morning homeschooling and the second part of the day cleaning out my garage. I may actually get my list checked off for January... maybe. The Christmas tree and all my decorations are down (just in time for my 15th deadline), and I took 5 boxes to Good Will today. My feet (HURT) feel as flat as pancakes after toting my hugeness around all afternoon. Thankfully, hubby and Morgan cooked our dinner or we would have starved. The doc called to tell me I flunked my first glucose test, too. So... I have to go in next week and drink 3 more bottles of gloop and find three more hours worth of stuff to do in a doctor's waiting room (which won't be hard).

Yesterday I toured the hospital and registered for my baby shower, too. Pretty cool to use one of those barcode scanners. I felt pretty state of the art. After that excitement we had friends over that spent the night... (and graciously helped me take down my tree and start my garage). But tonight, after the dust has settled, I'm just plum beat.

All that to say... that instead of giving you a full Field Trip Foto Friday like usual... I'm going to give you Field Trip Foto Friday links instead.

For those of you who are scratching your heads... my Field Trip Foto Friday posts are reviews of field trips we have taken in previous school years. I don't do them every week, but try to do at least 1, maybe 2 per month. My homeschool series post has links to all the posts where I keep records of book lists, favorite unit studies, curriculum we have used for each year, field trip lists for each year, software we have used, etc. On my field trip list posts, I link the actual field trip review to the name of the field trip - if of course, I do review it. There's only so many times you can review a trip to the park before it isn't interesting any more.

I'm currently teaching a 6th and 5th grader (I don't really label the grades as much as I label the subjects.... they are in much higher grade levels of some things than they are others - so I tend to just call it by what Math book we are in). So these field trips are not THIS year's stuff. They are from past grades and past places.

Each year I blog about the previous year's records after organizing all my paperwork and getting my grading done. In the past year I've been reviewing the field trips from 2006-7. I think I have most of them covered that we have photos for. I have already gotten ready to start 2007-8, as well. I just haven't added it to the homeschool series post yet. That will have to be added to the to-do list for this year...

The links I'm sharing today are a few field trip posts that have photos ... only they were posted as they happened back in '06 and '07 (and not added to the Field Trip Foto Friday series).

All that to say that I'm going to link a few previous posts here... that were field trips... that are certainly worth a review. I love looking back at old photos, anyway.

Can you tell how tired I am? I'm making myself as clear as mud.

Here they are:

The Sneaky Field Trip Foto Friday Posts for 2006-2007

Trip Home to Texas
Burns Park Photo Shoot
Drive to Memphis to see "Miss Potter"
Camping at Petit Jean State Park
River Market and Trolleys
Hiking Petit Jean part 1, Hiking Petit Jean part 2
Okatoma Creek Fishing

Wow! That's a lot of photos that snuck past my 'Field Trip Foto Friday' theme. So now you've seen them for what they are... super fun field trips. Enjoy browsing back through them!

Happy Friday (or what's left of it)... and here's wishing you (and me) a super restful weekend.

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