January 06, 2009

List Updates and a Winner

The winner of my secret prize for sharing their list is Karen W. I have an assorted box of prizes for her that I'm letting her pick from. One of the items is a groovy wall calendar for 2009 - in case she doesn't have one already.

I'm feeling much better today. Hopefully we can get some errands run. I'm taking the kids to the teacher supply store (heaven), Wal-Mart (daddy needs batteries), out to eat lunch (already hungry), the post office, and where-ever else I remember we need to go. Things are getting fuzzy since the mama bear is hungry for lunch.

Charlotte Mason is going well. Day 2 has proven to be better as far as attitudes go. So far. We started a bit later, though because chores weren't finished up to par last night and the children had a bit of a goofing off spell after breakfast. I'll probably post more about our new schedule and methods after we get a groove going. So far I'm way less stressed and that's a great thing with heart-attack heartburn and last trimester discomforts. Stress is NOT your friend. Hopefully Mylanta will be (thanks for the tip, cuz). Going to buy some at Wal-Mart later.

I went over my list again. It stinks that I can't cross anything on my 2009 list off completely yet, but I'm working my tail off on it. Progress is happening. I finished a homeschool book, finished a novel with the kids, finished printing half of my control journal pages for 2009 (through June), published a recipe at Gathering Manna (thanks Carrie!), emailed some folks that are helping me get some of my projects done, and discussed the crib with my friend. I even started on the grading stack yesterday while I was laid up.

Looks like the crossing off is going to be slower than I hoped, but at least the steady progress is being made and I'm 'living intentionally' in 2009. That's all anyone can really aim for, after all. Perfectionism is living in defeat and chasing an impossible dream.

I hope you are having the same success with your resolute plans for this year. Hope your homeschooling is looking up, too. Rise and shine, baby! Rise and shine.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

The other problem with perfectionism is that it is unachievable. There is NO one perfect. Only Jesus lived the perfect, sinless life. :D

Stephanie said...

I'm in the same boat with my list. I have made progress on a lot of items, but they will just take awhile to be crossed off just by the nature of them. Just think of the month when they are all finished and you can cross off bunches at once! Praying your heartburn gets better... I had it horribly with my dd.

nomore said...

thanks for the links to the CM homeschooling links.... this year, we just started to take a more closer 'following' the CM methods.

I just started a blog dedicated just for our homeschooling adventures, alongside my primary blog.
welcome to stop by either one!
~you'll find the link to both my blogs on either one.~

Nice meeting you, blessings!



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