February 21, 2009

Brought to You by the Letter F


F is for feet (in this case foot).

F is for feline (a Fine looking sweetheart resting with his mama).

F is for Fatigued.... and Flu (my poor mom has the flu and she was here last week when she got it).

F is for Fetus (Middle English from the 1300s-1400s: "fētus bringing forth of young, hence that which is born, offspring, young still in the womb" - dictionary.com).

F is for Fat (big and round belly that prevents me from moving). The bigger I get, the more irresistible the belly has become for strangers bent on 'Buddha rubbing'.

F is for Fear (as labor and delivery approach).

You'll have to excuse the swelling and the toenail paint-job... my 10 year old likes to blend colors and I can't reach my feet. I don't mind her painting them any way she likes as long as she's doing them for me. Getting a pedicure is one of my favorite things - just like having a purring cat cleaning itself while resting on the blankets my legs are under - the smell of baby lotion and sweet sleeping babies lying on you as you recline - etc.

I'll have to admit that while this picture was last week during a moment of bed-rest, I did get out of bed quite a bit this week. I did some cleaning, went on some errands, visited the doctor and hospital, and today - we picked up mural paint at Home Depot, stopped at the mall for 75% off slip-on tennis shoes (again, I can't reach my feet) and a nursing nightgown, and Daddy took us to eat at Pappasitos (best Mexican food in Texas - and made by Greeks).

It was a good day, but since the baby weighed in Friday at 7.5 lbs already (and I still have probably 4-5 weeks to go), I am not very comfortable doing ANYTHING. Yes, you heard right - 7.5 lbs, and 5 weeks to go. Sitting, standing, walking, reclining, even lying down - I'm uncomfortable. Even sleeping. My son was born at one ounce bigger than the Viking is currently. My belly is just about to pop. No fun (also starts with the letter F, but I'm not having any).

So I wait... hoping that there really isn't a 5 week wait ahead of me. If you are looking for some extra prayer requests, here are a few: My mom to get well, us to not get sick, and for God to not let me or the baby get too big (a speedy, manageable, and healthy delivery real soon!).

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Judy said...

7.5 already? Is it possible your dates are off? Didn't you mention before you are measuring 2 weeks ahead. How far along do you have to be for them not to stop labor?
I will be praying for you, baby, mom and whole family.
Hang in there. : )

Leslie M. said...

Hi Heather,
You are in my prayers. I Pray you do NOT get the Flu. That is a major one!! That is my HUGE pray for You and your Whole family! Your little one is going to be a BIG one! hahah... I know it is still scary even after you've already had one! Give it up to HIM! He is IN CONTROL!!!
Your toes look pretty!! hhahha
PS, I had my sister and her Hubby over for dinner last night, all the kids were here and OMGosh, EVERYONE cracked open their favorite Little Debbie! It was a free for all. Normally I would not have allowed that, but they sooo enjoyed it and they had a BLAST! They loved the big box, and there are still a few left over... many thanks for your contest again!

live4evermom said...

Glad it's not me having one, phew!! 7.9 was my biggest and I was huge. Nice perks though was sitting around tv surfing and waddling a bit too.


lori said...

Hey girl...you are headed to 10.5 land...feel FREE to beat me!:) He was my third!

BUT the question is WHY aren't your FEET swollen??? they look FABULOUS! Capital F! Mine looked like elephants by this stage!Impressive!

Praying for no FLU and for everything GOOD! (yeah, I know that was a G....:)

Melanie said...

They told me there can be as much as a 15% difference in what measurements they guess in poundage and actual poundage. I had a US with child #2 at 39 weeks because I was concerned about her being too big (child #1 was NINE pounds, and they say each child is bigger). They guesstimated 8 lb. and 13 or 14 oz. that day, I forget exactly.

A week later? She was born at 7 lb. 6 oz.

Here's hoping things work that way for you, too!

Sprittibee said...

Judy - I'm sure that the dates could be off a week or so. But I had an early ultrasound and that's how they got my due date. I was hoping that it was off, but looks like it is probably close to being correct - the day she has me up for induction may actually be the REAL due date if we are a week ahead. Doc said it is almost impossible for the early ultrasound to be off more than a week.

Leslie - Again, thanks for the prayers. I emailed you back from your comment because you left your email, but just wanted to say it publicly. :) Yes, He is in control. I just need to practice waiting without complaint. I am truly blessed- no matter if there is "pain in the offering". What a blessing to have a baby - at any time and age.

Hey Martha. :) Morgan was 8.13 and amazingly her delivery was easier than my first at 7.6 - but I had a lot of people praying for me at church (they called me in my room to tell me they were praying and at the time I had no idea I even "needed" the prayers... but Morgan's heart stopped and her cord was wrapped 3x around her neck and she was born blue!). My pushing stage was super quick and I'm so thankful for those prayers. Hopefully we won't have any repeats of that scary event this time - no matter how big Mr. Viking is.

Lori - Ha - my hubby and I can tell there's swelling. My ring finger is a size 4 and my ankles are really small and bony. My legs are swollen, too. I have some pain bending my knees right now, also, so I think the swelling is general - not just in one area. Just this past week I had to take my wedding ring off. Kevin joked that he was going to take his off, too. Jerk. LOL

Melanie - Boy, would that be a nice surprise to have a smaller baby than they expect for once! They told me Morgan was going to be 7 and she was nearly 9. LOL



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