February 06, 2009

January Progress Report

Remember the LIST? And the Monthly BREAKDOWN of goals for January? Well it's time to review the first month of 2009 to see if I'm on track with my goals.

I had discovered that I would need to get 9 projects per month done (not including the ones I added after counting and dividing up my tasks).

I picked more than 9 for January to get done. Here's how the January plans worked out:

1. Refinance the house = 90%
(still not complete, but in progress - scheduled to close in Feb.)

3. Paint and decorate baby/M's room = 50%
(still not complete, but in progress - we're working in there as we can)

4. Pick up donated crib, buy/make bedding for it = 30%
(still haven't gotten it over here, still haven't started on bedding)

15. Catch up on grading and paperwork = 80%
(I've made a large dent in this, but I'm still not done)

19. Nelda and Ammie's recipes = 50%
(DONE on Nelda, but can't get Mrs. A to sit still long enough - she has an excuse - she's moving)

22. Put away Christmas = 99%
(DONE - besides the few things we found after we boxed things up)

38. Organize school closet = 60%
(partially done, but I want to deep clean it, so I'm leaving it on the list)

94. Print calendar pages & do annual letter = 60%
(I printed through June, have the notes for the letter done, but still have to finish this)

106. Taxes sorted for '08 = 98%
(DONE - now I just need to purge the file cabinet and store last year's stuff)

109. Baby shower & registry = 100%
(DONE besides the family shower in March)

125. Clean out pantry/fridge = 100%
(DONE - although this is an ongoing item for the most part)

Being the teacher that I am, I figured I would give myself an averaged grade for this portion of the list. If I was only grading on these few items, my January score would be 74%. Not an A+, to be sure, but certainly a passing score. I'd be pleased with that - especially being 8 months pregnant and feeling like an elephant is sitting on my stomach.

But wait... there's more!

I didn't just stick to my January list. And I have to grade myself on the "dailies" and "weeklies" which I didn't do quite as well at, honestly. Going over the dailies and weeklies, I can say I've failed miserably at most of them. I came up with 28% completion rate for dailies and 63% for weeklies. It's a good thing, then, that I did some extra work to make up for it.

Here are the extras that I worked on during January that weren't originally planned:

7. Get bookcases for kids rooms - organize their toys/closets/etc = 90%
(DONE - besides some minor organizing and closet clean up)

15. Clean out the garage, decorate it = 50%
(partially done - awaiting funds for cabinets, pegboard & paint)

36. find 16 ways to please the man = 32%
(5 out of 16 so far...)

70. Make Mary's carrot cake = 100%
(OK, so Morgan really did the work... but it was sooo good!)

72. Finish the rock around the garden path = 100%
(Kev did this for me. He's a keeper - and a regular rock pirate.)

103. Have kids copy a book in the Bible = 100%
(They copied Jude, but I'm leaving it on the list so we can do another one later)

106. Taxes done for '08 = 95%
(I sent all my documents to the tax man this week... can't wait to see how much the refund will be)

127. Tour the hospital before delivery = 100%

128. Glucose tests = 200%
(DONE - took it twice and gave up 3 hours the second time)

131. Invitations made = 70%
(Just a few left)

132. Cat door installed = 50%
(bought it, just haven't cut the door up yet)

So when you count up my extra credit for January, I have an additional 90% to add to my score.

Total average for list completion progress as of the end of January 2009 = 64%

I guess I'll take a D for the first month of the year. At least I have an excuse being pregnant this time around. I'm enjoying trying to keep up with my goals despite my 'handicap' (which is mostly mental lately).

I'll be updating the blog with February's goals soon. I'd better hurry since the first week of this short month is already almost gone!

How are you doing on your list?

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Karen @dixielandcrafts said...

Wow this is a neat idea. I think you did well being pregnant and all. You sure did get a lot more done than me. hehe I guess my excuse is 3yo triplets. LOL

I've given you a blog award, find it here:


God Bless,
KC @ Lil Momma's Haven

Anonymous said...

Decorate the garage???????
I just cannot fathom why anyone would decorate a garage or do you just mean to clean and paint it?

Sprittibee said...

Anonymous... :) Decorating is just making it look better. I don't mean wallpaper and window treatments. LOL

Cabinets, paint, concrete paint and sealant, and a slatboard for the wall that we can use to hang tools. Maybe even a work station area for my husband if there is room. I want it to be an attractive and FUNCTIONAL room.

Would have come in handy today. Kev had to shut the baby room door and stain furniture in there because there's no floor in the garage right now.



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