February 12, 2009

Key Lime Pie on the Wall


I'm in love with this green. You could just eat it. And if it didn't smell like satin water-based paint, you would want to drink it! It's bright, happy, and peaceful - all things a new baby and his older sister need to share a room. Our accent colors are pale turquoise, white, chocolate brown, tan, and I'll probably use a touch of pale autumn orange. The baby room theme is owls and birds. I'm planning to paint a few trees with an owl and maybe a few branches on another wall with a bird.

Now if only I knew someone who would help me make a quilt or two. I'm not domestic enough to know how to quilt. One of these days...

I bet you can tell what we're doing today... taking the day to decorate the nursery/Morgan's room with grandma. I've been told that I can't go in the room to help paint, so I keep peeking to see how it looks. Every time the color makes me smile. I'm so glad Morgan and I agreed on the "Green Onion" at Wal-Mart. The paint man even let her use the machine to mix it herself and taught her how to add the pigment per the swatch instructions.

She's been dying to get her walls painted, so she helped us deep clean her room and closet yesterday to get rid of the clutter. Kaden gave up a little of his birthday to help his sister out. We made sure to reward him, though... he got donuts for breakfast, Jack-in-the-Box for lunch, Joe's Crabshack for Dinner, and some jeans at the mall. What else could a 12 year old boy need? Oh - chocolate. He got lots of chocolate from his sister (chocolate mints by the bagful). It's amazing he's alive after all that suger yesterday.

To top off a great family birthday, we had a super easy closing on our home refinance and some of the prettiest Texas weather of the year. Big-bright-happy events that make Morgan's key lime pie walls look even better.

Speaking of key lime pie... there's some in the refrigerator. It happens to be my 12 year old boy's favorite dessert. Maybe I can talk him in to a bite after lunch! It will go well with his paint splattered hair, clothes, and face!

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! Sending you some of my happy green cheer to make your day brighter.

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Heather S. said...

I LOVE the color - it is similar to the color in our homeschool room. It certainly makes me smile when I go down there!!
I can't wait to see the finished product!!

LeAnn said...

My daughters room is that color! And she has a big mural of the Effel Tower on the wall!

Leslie M. said...

Hi Heather, that is a beautiful Color and green is one of my favorite colors. My own bedroom is green, although it is a darker green. I guess I am just a nature kinda girl. I think GREEN just makes me think of God and all the Glory he created. I love it!
Key lime Pie! OH Gosh, that is one of Hubby's favorites and my MOM used to love it too! I love lime myself!
Hope you are feeling ok and trying to keep it on the downlow!

MommyLydia said...

What kind of quilt are you thinking of? I'm slow at sewing, but sewing together a simple quilt is not that difficult. Our church group for the last -- well, at least 6 years -- got together to quilt every other month or so.

SaraMinerva said...

That green is gorgeous. I'm a green fan. Obviously. You've seen my living room LOL I can't wait to see the finished room!

And now I wish I had bought the stuff to make keylime pie instead of apple...THANKS. ;)

lori said...

I LOVE that green....painted my room that color with I was about 10, still is one of my faves..

sorry...no quilting for me...anything else you need???

love ya!

Anonymous said...

YUM! I like it too!

Debra LeeBerry said...

My favorite color is butter cream yellow but that key lime green could quickly become my next favorite. Love Key Lime Pie too.


Anonymous said...

Can I have a birthday at your house? I love donuts for breakfast and Joe's for dinner!
The color is just yummy! It makes me want to paint something... but we haven't quite figured out where the baby is going to go yet...



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