February 16, 2009

Laid-up Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook Graphic Journal notes for Monday Night, 2/16/09...

The view from where I sit includes the following: a laptop on pillows, cords for keyboard and mouse lying haphazardly over my swollen ankles and puffy feet, a sleeping cat curled up by a 5th Grade Math book which was abandoned for video games by a little girl who just turned 10...

...a pile of paperwork, some scattered pens and mechanical pencils, clean sheets in a wrinkled pile on the floor - left untended, an old newspaper, forgotten in the corner, my husband's bath robe hanging over the iron bedpost, and my hospital bag - unzipped and still awaiting the last minute items to be thrown in when labor begins.

I have been tweeting more than posting these days. Seems that 140 characters is much easier than 140 words or more. Especially for those with pregnancy dementia. I did mention the Captain Crunch story in here, didn't I? My son is still traumatized that his mother stomped back to bed and cried because he ate the last bowl of my peanut butter cereal. Hormones are not your friend, people.

I can tell you that the Viking seems real healthy. I've been relocating his body parts by force with my thumbs when he gets out of line. Poor fella - there's just no more room inside the belly. You might as well call me a manatee at this point... I move about that slow and my belly is larger than life. I graze and rest... that's about the extent of it. It took me nearly 4 minutes to recover after carrying something up the stairs today. I could feel my heart beating in my EARS.

So here's your easy post for Monday... a quick daybook post. I think I can handle that.

Outside My Window... darkness and moisture. So glad it has rained on this parched land!

I am thinking... that tomorrow will be taxing since I have to drive the kids to choir and run errands - instead of keep my feet up like I have been. Hope the legs and feet don't revolt and swell back up again. I gained 5 lbs of water over last weekend!

I am thankful for... my husband - who worked all day, got groceries on his way home even though he hates to do that, bought me a cute espresso cup, cooked dinner for us tonight, and is exquisitely good-looking (even after 16+ years).

We are learning... about patience (and mom is trying not to complain while waiting), about blessings (God is so good), about martyrs in our devotional book, about lifeskills (since the kids have had to take on a lot more responsibility while mom is laid up in bed). Our next topic will be Ancient History. Looking forward to Egypt and hopefully going to see Tut in Dallas before they close up shop in May.

From the kitchen... Needing to make a menu, but tomorrow will most likely be Mexican.

I am wearing... (don't laugh) A bathing suit cover-up. If it weren't this, it would have to be a huge tablecloth or a moo-moo dress. I'm telling you people, I'm B I G.

I am creating... a new little people inside my belly.

I am going... on errands tomorrow... and hopefully to the labor and delivery wing at the hospital very soon!

I am reading... What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach (Robin Sampson), and my Bible. And with the kids, I'm reading Shades of Grey (we'll be done in just a few chapters).

I am hoping... to finish my nesting projects before the baby comes, to get the bills paid, and to have a safe and uneventful labor and delivery in the next 4 weeks (painless would also be nice).

I am hearing... hubby and the kids play video games.

Around the house... there is evidence that mom has been in bed a lot lately.

One of my favorite things... my vanilla Softlips chapstick (feels like silk - I use it every day).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Blog, pay bills, get our new authors at The Post set up to write, go to the OBGYN, mail my swap gift, grade papers, do school in bed with the kids ... and try to keep my feet up (without complaining) while I wait on this little babycake to get cooked.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

That's my belly - inside out. Naw, just kidding... it isn't THAT bad.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Your poor thing. At least the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer, yes? I use the same chapstick - only the raspberry version. Love it.

I don't have any preg excuse for the sad state of my house. Not that I really want another kiddo at this point. I just need to get off my lazy hiney and do something! LOL!!

Take it easy tomorrow - don't push yourself too hard. Take lots o'water.


Lexi said...

Hang in there!!! I am 37.5 weeks preggo too....and BIG!!! Even both my parents are like, you'll be back to normal before you know it...so, for my sweet parents to notice, I KNOW I am larger than life. Although, our children's Pastor and his wife have been trying to have children for 15-20 years....her strength, keeps my heart in check. Soon you will have a true gift from God in your hands! Praying for you today.
Be blessed~

Leslie M. said...

Awwww... you are doing so good.. and from your bed!!! I am the lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick queen. My lips get chapped so easy!
You must be a POWER HOUSE when you are ON your feet! hahah
Hang in there... You will be up and at 'em in no time and you will be wishing for some down time! hahah
God Bless you and you are in my prayers!
Oh can you believe we have NOT dug into those Little Deb's Yet? hahah
Sarah, my little one (Well she is 18) asked what was in that cute box and I told her. She is home from College this morning. I told her to help herself, but she went off to breakfast with a few of her friends! I think I will send her back with a few boxes, esp. he coconut one since she likes that and I do not! hahah Thanks again!

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

Ah, the end of pregnancy. This is the point when most of us wonder "Seriously. Is this ever going to end? What did I sign up for? It was not this, I am pretty sure."

Hang in there, Heather. Sending you a hug and praying for you.

blake said...

OMG, I love Peanut Butter Crunch! Kid was lucky you didn't throw him in the dungeon!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!

Keep your feet up! (As if you really have much of a choice. . .)

Anonymous said...

You poor girl! Four more weeks!? I certainly hope not.

UGH...It just occurred to me that I must have post-pregnancy dementia.

You're absolutely right....hormones are not my friend!

* said...

too funny! great post, as always. glad to realize you are expecting (ok, obviously I haven't been around here for a while) and things are going well.
I would love another babycake, too. who knows what the future holds? maybe for today I'll just go get my hair cut.

thanks for the chuckles



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