April 06, 2009

The Good and the Bad


Are you one of those people who like the good news first? I can't say that I am. I'd rather get the bad stuff out of the way so I can try and enjoy the good. That being said, I figured the photo above sums up how I'm feeling right about now. So I'm venting (something most bloggers will advise you NOT to do if you plan to keep your readers) and trying to get my attitude straight so I can focus on the positive.

Let's just get it out in the open, shall we?


1. I'm not growing boobs fast enough to feed the milk termite. We've been joking that one morning Kev is going to wake up and find him in bed with a lump in his stomach where I once was - like a bed-dwelling, mommy-eating anaconda. Sadly, I don't know if he's really gaining weight or how much I'm really feeding him. So this week I'm going to beg the doctor and see if he'll let me borrow his scale to just "see" if all this constant feeding is actually helping the little guy.

2. I left my laptop power cord in San Antonio. At the hotel. Like a complete moron. And now I can't get in to my homeschool assignments/records, pay my bills, check my email without getting online and spending a million times more time (of which I have little without my distraction keeping me one-handed).

3. Last night there was very. little. sleep.

4. Today there has been very. much. hormone. overload. And tears.

5. I let my daughter take pictures in San Antonio on the River Walk (because I was slightly busy)... and she took lots of blurry photos of DUCKS. I had pacifier duty. There was plenty unhappiness as I scanned the downloaded shots.

6. My husband may have to do some extended traveling - forcing me to have to do some extended traveling as well (if I want to get to see him at all). We did hotel school last week for a day or two, so I guess carschool and out-of-town school won't be so bad.

7. Kaden put his hand on the burner yesterday and got a second degree burn on his fingers. Poor kid.

8. I'm behind on everything. Bills, school, paperwork, email, blogging, laundry, housekeeping, projects, gardening, grocery shopping, and more. Seriously, folks... you know it is bad when you are fighting over the last roll of toilet paper.

9. I gained back five pounds. I thought you were supposed to eat when you were breastfeeding? That 13$ cheeseburger at Hard Rock Cafe was good (even completely cold after breastfeeding for 20 minutes in the restroom), but it sure is sticking to my hips.

10. I actually started this post Friday when we got home from our little 'business trip vacation'... so you can imagine how long it takes me to get things done around here. I feel like I'm in a time trap - and life is moving along without me. Wonder if I'll ever catch up.


So now for the good news? Now that you've popped open your Prosac bottle? Exercises in thankfulness are good for complainers like me.


1. The baby is breastfeeding. A week ago I was in tears trying to win him back to the breast, fighting off the urge to throw my pump out the window at the neighbor's annoying dog, and supplementing formula just to keep babysita from dehydrating. As long as baby is gaining weight, I can stick out the nipple torment.

2. We found the cord to the laptop. Praise the Lord. Now mommy has HER pacifier back.

3. I'm getting a bit more sleep lately. Baby sleeps well in the bed with me. We just rotate sides when he's hungry and change diapers between feedings. Now I'll just have to start getting to bed earlier and getting OUT of bed earlier. Looking forward to a routine...

4. I got to spend two nights in a company-paid-for hotel with Daddy in San Antonio. It was a really nice get-away after being cooped up in the house for so long. My mom helped me pack to go and clean the house before we left. Kev helped me with the carrier and diaper duty while we were there.

5. BlogHer wants me to speak in July. I'm so honored. I really want to go, so I'm looking for sponsors. I can't afford the air fare. Looks like the trip will cost me 1500$ if I were to go and although that seems impossible, I trust that God is in control and if He wants me in Chicago, He'll get me there.

6. We're getting school done despite the chaos. I doubt Charlotte Mason would give me her seal of approval, but I'm happy that at least all the basics are getting done plus some. Not having to give up ALL of our summer on catch-up is going to be a nice reward for sticking to it.

7. I have leftover fried rice and sesame chicken fingers from last night for lunch today. And I'll let you in on a little secret... I eat baby food. Yep. I'm addicted to Gerber's blueberry-apple. It is so. way. better. than applesauce. Try it! You'll get hooked.

8. At least I had time for a shower today.

9. My husband has a job. Travel or no travel - that's more than a lot of people can say in this economy.

10. This baby is ten-thousand kinds of cute. God knew what he was doing making babies so precious. Cute and precious keeps you from the adoption agency phone call at 3 AM when your nipples are bleeding and the baby's diaper leaked bright-yellow, liquid poop all over your Egyptian cotton sheets. Of course, that's just a dramatic example... but you get the picture. Life is not easy in the first months of babydom, so cuteness is a baby's best friend.

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Elena LaVictoire said...

Heather, from my objective observation of that cute little baby's chubby cheeks - you're doing fine!

I will say that quite a few times I took my babies to the post office and weighed them on their scales! Maybe that's an option for you?

And I too feel like something is missing without my computer - so I sympathize! Thanks for the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

If your hospital has a breastfeeding clinic, or you have a WIC clinic near you... You should be able to go in and have before & after feeding weights done. I had to do this when my first daughter was newborn too. Have the nurse weigh the baby, you feed the baby (so plan it around a feeding), then weigh again. It will tell you exactly how many ounces baby is taking in.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sprittibee, thank for having us over Sunday night, it was a lot of fun, and I truly enjoyed holding your precious baby for such a long time, he is so adorable... Want a slight different prospective on things ?

I just finished reading about the earthquake in Central Italy that (so far) killed 150, and left 70k homeless. Among them, a 28 year old woman, was in the local hospital, having her first baby, a girl. The doctor had *just* finished to put the last stitch on, after the C-section, when the quake hit. She run, hospital gown on, barefooted, holding the IV, her mother with the baby, doctors, nurses everyone was getting out. The hospital was 90% unusable...
This woman found herself, minutes after the c-section, in the hospital parking lot, with a few minutes old baby ... but alive.
There, feeling better now .. ?
;-) Tell everyone Ciao !

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Oh Heather, I would say that if knowing how much he weighs makes you feel better than do it!

And hang in there, hon. This new baby stuff sure is just so hard. BIG HUGS

caseybumpinalong said...

Oh yes, I've snitched plenty of blueberry-apple bites in my day. And I sooo remember the early days of breastfeeding - the soreness and wondering how one tiny baby could eat so much and so often. Hope that part of it passes quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

That picture is just so perfect! He has so much emotion in his little face (not that little, I wouldn't worry about his weight). Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Just remember all the charts for height and weight are based on formula feed babies. So Don't stress, plus at some point and during cycles you can become a human paci. I know I did more so with the boys than the girls. As far a baby poo messes/stains use borax and spray and wash dual purpose.
Your doing a good job, remember this is a season it won't last forever.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

After the birth we weigh the baby in a little hammock and a fish scale! The fish scales cost about 5 bucks at walmart...sew some rings or tie the receiving blanket so the hook can go through and you can keep track of weight that way. :)

Your baby is very healthy looking! Some of them are such LONG nursers..I had one.


keri said...

CUTE baby...
enjoy every minute of it!

Jennifer Kindle said...

What's so funny is that your number 10 isn't at all a dramatic example! I feel your pain girl..and all the blessings too.

Leslie M. said...

Just got back from a 3 day mini trip to celebrate my 25th Anniversary. The baby is so Darling! So, did you borrow the scale??

You are a worry wart! ahahaha I am thinking by now everything has worked out and like you said it was a hormone overload.

It seems to me you are doing things just AOK!

Just get some rest and drink drink drink... WATER! hahahh

I think you are doing great!

Gosh, Motherhood is NOT for the faint of heart is it? hahahha


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


I am so with you on the ups and downs of life and somehow you will look back and all the bad will be forgotten and that sweet little one will have so much love to give you back one day that will make up for all of this. Ha!

Love ya girl!

Happy Easter,



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