May 01, 2009


Another picture post. I know I can never stay on any one topic for long... that's why I can't label this blog as a 'homeschool blog' or a 'parenting blog' or a 'photography blog' or a ... (you get the picture). It is all those things and more. It is all about my passions... the things that interest and inspire me. Photography is one of my 'favorites'. I have a lot of favorites. Have you noticed?

Some of you are scratching your heads... "Bokeh??? What in tarnation is Bokeh??" Others of you are photographic pros out there and know exactly how wonderful bokeh is.

To give you an idea of what Bokeh can do to a picture, here are a few in my photographic bokeh pool at Flickr:

Bokeh is the blurred part of the image... the background that fades out and isn't in focus. It is supposed to pop the focus of the photograph out and direct your eyes to what is IN FOCUS. It helps to tell the story better. It adds an artsy flair to your pictures. It makes a subject seem to stand out in a surreal and timeless manner. It is one of my very, very favorite photographic techniques of all time. I just HEART me some bokeh!

So that's why I'm writing this post... to tell you about the 'i heart faces' bokeh give-away. Not because I want you to enter. By all means, you can leave that for me! I'd really, really love to win the Alien Skin Software they are giving away! But because if I don't tell you about it, I can't earn myself another chance at winning. And Lord knows I needed another thing to do before bed-time and between my insanely short breastfeeding sessions... ya know?!

So please, DON'T enter their contest. But DO look through my flickr photo-stream and leave me some comments! I heart comments as much as 'i heart faces'... and I heart bokeh. Hopefully I'll be hearting me some Alien Skin Software after I win this thing.

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kath said...

Hi! I've come over from the Photoblogher group. I love bokeh too, I am slowly but surely learning how to achieve it "on purpose". It's that whole depth of field thing and which settings to use. I bought a great book called "Understanding Exposure" which is helping.




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