May 26, 2009

Trees in the Baby Nursery


I'm not done yet, but now you know why it has been so quiet in here. Well, painting a mural would be one reason. The other reason is the baby that eventually will go in this room... with his sister. We had homeschool friends over to play and keep me company while I nursed and painted today.

I painted trees and layers of earth. Yup. Right on my keylime green walls... but I'm not finished yet. It was bound to happen after staring at this blog template for the past three years and watching the virtual seasons change. I made it summer on here today. Did you notice? Well, if you're in Texas - it's hard NOT to notice the temperature change. Ick.

I also managed to get my desk area uncluttered for the most part on Memorial Day. I'll share before and after photos when I get my list-update post together. You know me and my lists. I'm just excited to be checking it off... one item at a time.

Next up... the baby crib. After we buy the white spray paint.

I wish I knew someone who would make a FREE quilt for me. That seems too much to ask probably because, well... it is. From the colors on my mural, of course... with owls somewhere on it. I want to make one for Morgan's twin and the baby bed. Possibly both twin quilts because who wants a baby quilt after you are big enough for a twin? Quilts are everlasting heirloom presents that stay with you for a lifetime. If I can't find a quilter willing to donate the time and effort... I'll have to learn how to do it myself. Of course - I'm all for adding things to my to-do list that are nearly impossible to accomplish. Didn't you know that I was "Super Mom"?

I'll start on the quilting lessons just as soon as I get the checkbook done, the bills paid, the laundry folded, the paperwork sorted, the school planning done, the calendar updated, my in-box emptied, my emails cleaned out, a menu made, my photos downloaded, the house picked up, the kids on task doing school work, our meals cooked tomorrow, and the baby fed-bathed-rocked-snuggled-and-changed.

It's a good thing it's too hot in Texas to truly 'enjoy' summer outside. I have no desire to go out there and sweat with a sticky, grumpy baby stuck to my chest. We're doing school in July and August to make up for all these crazy postpartum months in late spring.

Speaking of summer... enjoy my summer tree here at Sprittibee. It might be my last season with this template for a while. I'm hoping to get a blogiversary present from a homeschool design whiz! So thrilled I can hardly sleep. ...Or was that the baby keeping me up? Either way. I look like a train hit me. Which is why you aren't seeing me in any photos of late.

But I digress... (which is really easy to do nowadays, by the way)...

Bee watching for a new s-'pretty' in June.

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Melissa Stover said...

great job! that looks wonderful.

lori said...

GIRL you ARE supermom....the mural is awesome!! I LOVE it...can't wait to see the owls...take care over there!

Sarah Bray said...

My little trees look so great humongous!!! Thanks for showing me...awesome job!



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