June 17, 2009

It Only Looks Quiet Around Here

Quiet. Or lack of it.

Not NOISE quiet. But activity quiet.

I'm not talking about the insane colic that went on tonight with Mr. Viking and his 2 hour cry-fest. I'm still twitching from that one, but shall recover. Must have been the round of 'I-can't-believe-my-own-mother-would-do-this-to-me' shots he got at the doctor the day before.

I'm talking about posts on this here blog. Or the lack of 'em.

Sorry folks. Blog designing, purging and purdifying takes a lot of concentration. A few tears, too. I sit here waiting on Darcy to get online, watching for her name to appear on my GoogleTalk (rather like a stalker) - and then I accost her with all sorts of requests and questions so as to use up every ounce of her free time. It's busy work, you-betcha.

There's also a hefty amount of whining. And then there are the panic attacks. Three years with a blog template tends to marry you to it in an unhealthy way. And as much as I talk about simplification and decluttering, there's a little of my mom's pack rat in me somewhere. Because Darcy has been having to tell me to go take a Prosac or a deep breath in between her stern commands that I MUST NOT cave and put all this j-u-n-k back on my sidebars.

She's nice like that. She needs to go in to drug and alcohol counseling.

Anyway, you peoples are going to probably drop a jaw when you come in here later on and see what she's done. I feel like I'm having my mind erased in the process... but I know I'll be glad when the site is pretty and fresh... and the sidebars are STARK NEKED. BLANK. EMPTY. Holy moly, they look funny!

I figured you wanted to make sure I was alive in here since it got so quiet. You were probably thinking... 1. she spilled sweet tea in her laptop and was in a major depression because she couldn't afford to replace it... or ... 2. she overloaded on iPhone applications and had some sort of seizure - and is spending the rest of her days in a straight jacket, drooling... or ... 3. she secretly decided to quit blogging here because a twittering Target executive offered her $5,000 a month to blog for them on another site...

... or maybe you just thought I was busy with the baby?

Well, whatever you were thinking, I thought I would set the record straight. YES, Target. I will blog for you. But you have to ask first.

And about the redesign while I'm waiting on that offer... it will happen some time around... June. Because I don't want to put any pressure on Darcy. Or she might make me give up another five categories.

Don't worry. You'll love the new look. It's rather BRIGHT - and ORANGE, but you'll love the new look. You better!

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Tracy said...

You are spazzing out, eh>? It will be okay! Change is good!

KarenW said...

Looking forward to seeing your new design. I've been wanting to do something different too. But lately I haven't even found time to blog. It is June isn't it? I keep losing track.

Sisterlisa said...

Life may seem to get lonely sometimes but God is with you as you snuggle that sweet baby and sing praises of our Lord into his little ear. All this other blog fluff is just that, fluff. ;O)

But I'm sure everything will be beautiful in his time.

Darcy @ m3b said...

Awwwww. I heart ya.

I know it feels a little like boot camp, but I hope in the end all your great content will be easy to find and easy to read.

But Lisa's right... ultimately... it's just a blog. You've got the best stuff right there in the room with you.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

All anticipation for the big reveal!

Keep loving all those little people well...

All's grace,

SchrefflerFamily said...

I like sidebars :(

And I've barely got used to THIS redesign. HAs it really been 3 years?



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