June 09, 2009

Sneaky Snotty... and Her Accomplice

I've been down and out with a horrible cold as of late. Made it's way through my entire family, picking us off like a lioness in the night. None of us were spared.

Except the non-human one.

The man.

He's a machine, I tell you. A machine. His employer is so lucky. He's the last of a dying breed (must be dying of rust if they are machines). He never takes a sick day (burns his own vacation). He is NEVER late for work; rather, he's thirty minutes early. Takes a snack to eat at lunch and works without pay so he won't even LOOK like he's taking advantage of company time.

And I have to bribe his co-workers to get his phone number at his desk... because you DON'T MAKE PERSONAL CALLS AT WORK. I do when he forgets to leave his cell phone on, though. I feel for the poor chap that let the number out. I'm sure they aren't friends any more.

He's not what this post is about though. So let's get back to it, shall we?

Sick. Yep. All of us. Especially me. And the poor itty bitty witty little baby! His first cold. And it's all Morgan's fault - who came down with it first. Even grandma got it. We sound like we have two weeks to live and need to be in the TB ward (me and granny). However, for the first time in five days, I feel human again.

I felt good enough to play on the computer today (instead of homeschooling, cooking, or paying my bills... or any of the other pressing duties that had my name on them). [Did I say that out loud?]

It's not my fault you know. It's all Darcy's fault. She's a web designer. She took it upon her sweet, charitable self to give me a blogiversary present (since my FOUR YEAR blogiversary was YESTERDAY - you may leave belated happy comments now). Four years in blog years is like 162. Because every hour another of the 6 billion blogs out there DIES! Because some homeschool mother realizes it takes too much work to keep it up.

Not me, baby. I'm no quitter.

I may not remember my name by the end of the summer... after pregnancy, bed rest, delivery, recovery, postpartum, depression, nipple confusion, lack of sleep, cluster feeding, prolonged Spring-Break Syndrome ... or has that become Summer Break... let's just call it homeschool burn-out. I need a vacation. But that's for another post.

Not a quitter. Nope. But hey - I AM a whiner. And Darcy happened to be available to whine to. Either that, or she just got fed up of my twittering about being fat, pregnant, in labor, a human pacifier, and snotty. So she decided to design my blog!

My kids must be sick of me, too; because THEY are supplying the graphics. Yeah, I homeschool them. They're blog designer artistyish people. And they haven't even hit puberty. So there.

Call me crazy (which is probably what Darcy did behind my back on GoogleTalk a few minutes ago when I told her I was still on a Classic Blogger Template)... but three years is long enough for a good design. I know some of you - or all three of you - who read my blog religiously - may have a hard time letting go of the trees and the shiny bee. Don't worry. She's NOT DEAD. She's just being archived in to my graphics folder on my PC. She's OKAY.

I may not be. But she's OKAY. Darcy, on the other hand. She's more than OKAY, folks. You need to line up at her doorstep for a blog design. It should be like the day after Thanksgiving (besides all those people that get trampled, of course). She's done a great job. She's very professional (which makes me wonder why she's doing this for ME). She's FAST at Photoshop and has a keen eye for color... and has made my children VERY excited by "offering them a job" doing graphics for her if she should ever need any more whimsical hand-drawn artwork again.

My husband will never get my son to mow the lawn again if he can make 'easy money' doodling for Darcy. Think of my poor lawn!

Anyway... as you were all sleeping in your beds tonight... I, the still-snotty sicky, was up making crazy design plans with my crazy friend. The world may not be a better place because of it... but I know that two little bees in this hive have gained a new confidence in their artwork... and I've gained a true appreciation for how hard designers work - and the long hours they put in.

The next time you see a blog designer, make sure to give them a BIG hug. Unless, of course, you are infected with a cold or the flu. In that case, STAY AWAY. Stay very far away.


Molytail said...

*ROFL* I'm sitting here both empathizing (we too have had the GERMS OF DOOM come through the house & I have a hubby who eats at his desk and goes in early) and laughing my arse off cuz you're funny. (and that's funny haha not funny-weird.)

And yes, Darcy's stuff is awesome - she's a very talented lady :-)

Can't wait to see what she and your kids have designed for ya!

(and happy belated bloggiversay!)

Rhonda said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. And poor Kohen! Both my kids got their first colds from my friend Linda when she came to visit after they were born. If I ever have a 3rd child (ha!) she's banned until they are at least a year old. :)

I can't wait to see your new blog design. Darcy helped me with my blog design way back before she started her design business. She's the best! (Mine is very simple. I wanted to use that sunset picture from my cruise and I also couldn't figure out how to change the colors. Darcy did it all!)

Photography and Family ! ! ! said...

I found your blog when I googled "bluebonnets in the snow". Your April 19, 2007 blog came up. You said you did not take the picture but could get in touch with the photographer. My dad has been asking me to print an 8 x 10 of the bluebonnets and tree in the snow picture for at least a year. The image files I find on the internet are too small and when printed lose detail. If you can get in touch with the photographer, I would like to ask for a better quality image file and for permission to print the picture for my dad for father's day. I am a photographer starting out, and I promise to not sell the image. Thanks, and God Bless! Sue@photosaredivine.com

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Awww... big hugs to you Heather!

You cracked me up with the blog years line. But you are right-- that is a long time in blog years. I'm going to be getting a facelift in my old blog age as well (2005 seems like forever ago!). :)

Darcy is pretty fantastical isn't she?



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