August 29, 2009

At Least I Used the Camera

If nothing else gets done around here, we are dedicated to at least getting the camera and video cam out every day. That's my new motto. Because a girl has to have a motto to keep her sane in the middle of life's trenches, right?

I'm sorry if this is the first place you are hearing this: life, homeschooling or parenting don't ever really get easier. They just get different - but not easy. God is always keeping you on your toes!

Busy is a great way to be, though... and we always have something going on.

Like this week: Kevin's insane sinus allergy nightmare. While I can't take a picture of his sinuses, this photo says it all. Or well, it says I had camera blur. I think it captured most of how he felt all week really well.

Or there's the garden. Well, it's going on - I guess. It is fending for itself out there in the blistering Texas heat with hardly any water... because we are all on mandatory one-day a week watering (and it has become illegal even to serve a glass of water in Austin without the customer asking for one at a restaurant). So my tomatoes are all really tiny. When life gives you a bunch of tiny tomatoes.... make salad.

Small things aren't bad in all situations. However, last weekend when I pulled up at the Uhaul place in Columbus to pick up my truck, I had rented a tiny trailer without a ramp - for a HUGE REFRIGERATOR. That little Uhaul shop gave me a huge truck with a ramp to get my job done without charging me extra. And saved my marriage.

Which in turn allowed me to enjoy visiting with Pam. She's a keeper. She GAVE me her china hutch, table, chairs, a dresser, dishes, bookcases and a huge stack of books. Books! {homeschoolers love books} Then she sold me her shiny silver refrigerator. Which looks great in my kitchen. She got rid of everything in her house! She's jet-setting around the world in a travel trailer. Talk about decluttering?!!! She inspired me to do some decluttering of my own... which I've been doing this week.

Of course, Kohen liked Pam, too. And he's a great judge of character. I think.

Chickie and Kohen both really like Pam. And I do, too. And Kohen is cute. So that's that.


Anonymous said...


Hi chickie - we miss ya'll!

Tracy said...

You have the craziest weeks! Are you related to my husband?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I had no idea the water situation was so bad over there. They finally lifted the burn ban here after some nice, soaking afternoon downpours.

Wow, what a blessing to be given all of those things. Glad you were able to get a big uhaul!

Awwww... Kohen... he smiles with his eyes. I lerve him.

Misty said...

Sounds like a busy week.



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