August 25, 2009

Moving Along with Baby on Board

So here's how our first FULL day back at school went in a nutshell:

7:30am - wake, nurse baby, fall back asleep
8:30am - wake, check email on iPhone while kids change diaper and take him downstairs to play with him
8:53am - brush teeth
8:54am - nurse baby while kids eat breakfast (Morgan makes me a shake)
9:00am - drink shake and watch humming birds in yard through window
9:18am - kids do kitchen dishes, I change diaper
9:23am - play classical station and put baby in swing - make beds
9:24am - yell at kids who are still downstairs to hurry up
9:33am - get dressed
9:40am - kids start dishwasher
9:41am - nurse baby and try to lay him down for morning nap
9:50am - remind kids to hurry (threaten to maim them if they goof off)
9:52am - Homeschool Post updates, check twitter and facebook while I wait on kids
10:00am - start school on the couch in the school room, prayer journals done while I blog and check emails
10:26am - Read Bible, discussion ensues
10:47am - Read devotional, discussion ensues
11:20am - recite last week's memory verse
11:26am - drill, write memory verse for this week on index cards
11:29am - baby wakes
11:30am - Kaden changes diaper
11:45am - baby in bouncy chair while kids work
11:52am - Morgan helps get lunch ready
11:54am - Kaden tidies the school area
12:00noon - go through junk mail, clean off desk area, kids set table
12:05pm - baby watching Pooh video
12:06pm - eat lunch... frozen pasta meal, leftover rice, bread, tea/coke
12:20pm - nurse baby, daddy pops in to eat a quick lunch
12:33pm - watch humming birds, discussion ensues
12:45pm - unload dishwasher, clean up lunch
12:50pm - take some photos, take out the trash
1:00pm - start dishwasher, play with baby
1:34pm - Back to school: Math
1:54pm - nurse baby, bad attitudes
2:12pm - read to baby, tummy time for baby
2:17pm - problems with percentages, math lesson review
2:30pm - nurse, download photos to PC
3:00pm - baby down for nap
3:15pm - kids fighting and still not done with Math
3:35pm - assign math as homework, move on
3:45pm - baby wakes from nap
3:46pm - Kaden does diaper
3:50pm - Morgan gathers our reading material for the car, leave for photo-shoot
4:44pm - kids play with baby in back seat, take photos from car windows
4:45pm - nurse baby at home, daddy arrives with rotisserie chicken
5:00pm - continue reading our reading (science, history, health)
5:55pm - Morgan sets table, daddy cooks
5:56pm - Kaden changes diaper
5:57pm - Mommy dizzy, drinks water
6:12pm - Morgan makes Kool-Aid
6:20pm - Kaden researches a bug in his bug encyclopedia
6:27pm - feed baby in his high chair: sweet potatoes and rice cereal
6:30pm - prayer and eat dinner
7:00pm - nurse baby, kids start dishes
7:18pm - baby to bed
7:39pm - reading (photography)
7:45pm - baby wakes, kids play with him
8:14pm - math homework, mom does school planning, bounce baby on lap
8:45pm - watch a bit of Pooh with baby
8:51pm - Mommy nurses baby to sleep, kids working on math
8:55pm - Daddy snoring (took sinus meds hours earlier)
9:00pm - check email, download photos, kids finish math
10:00pm - kids eat ice cream and then take showers, mom blogs
11:15pm - read Carry on Mr. Bowditch with kids (too tired), bedtime

There are some definite areas in our schedule today that needed revising, however, the day was great - even if it was exhausting. Tomorrow we'll cut our losses on Math a LOT earlier and since our A Beka books for the school year have arrived, we'll be starting our new books tomorrow. That alone will excite the kids and help things move faster.

Can't wait to play with the photos the children took. They are excellent! We really need to get up earlier tomorrow, too... which will be hard since we are going to bed so late.

Is this a typical day? Well, sortof. It seems with baby around that all of our days look different. Change is the only constant... well, change, spit-up and dirty diapers.

But we are in it for the long haul... and I'm sure that with God on our side, we'll make all the progress we need to make as long as we just keep "doing the next thing" on our priority list. That, and making sure to remember that the relationships are King.

It's the heart that counts. Not just the head.


Tracy said...

Hope tomorrow goes good with the new books!

Margaret said...

"change is the only constant" Yes, I can definately relate to this sentiment. Blessing to you and your homeschool.

Marilena said...

I love how you are so honest about your day. My days are similar, but instead of a baby I have a 3 year old...We haven't officially started our year yet. We are moving this weekend and I want to start on Monday! I don't know why I put that kind of stress on myself, but that's just how I roll.
Have a blessed year!

Heather S. said...

Our first day was a little crazy, too. However, since my oldest is 5 - we were done before lunch. What helped me the most is that my 7 month old takes a 2 hour nap in the morning. I can't imagine getting school work done if she didn't sleep like that!!

lifebythehandful said...

Love the glimpse into your day. It's nice to see how others live life and realize I'm not alone in dishwashers and diapers.

MommyLydia said...

Yikes your baby only stays down for 1 nap cycle at a time? No wonder you can't get anything done.
Pooor mommy!

Elizabeth said...

"Change, spit-up, and dirty diapers." It's maddening, isn't it? In a wonderful sort of way...I had my first homeschool day on Monday (first ever as the teacher). I felt like my head would explode by the end of it. I hope it gets better!

Autumn said...

What a FUN day! ;) Isn't it nice though that you aren't the only one in the house changing the diapers?!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your day!

I really want to try the A Beka curriculum. If I had any way of getting it now, I would have it for my second grader for this year.

Misty said...

I remember those days. You effectively cured my need for a baby :).

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

Ah, homeschooling during the baby phase is so much fun isn't it? Oh, I kid. It definitely stretches you! I admit the first thought in my head after the thought "what if we had a fourth" is: "But I'd have to start homeschooling all over and we're just getting to where we can do something around here!" =)

The first day is always a little rough, hoping and praying for improvement in the day. Quickly. For your sake. =0)

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I looovveee reading your blog :) I appreciate how honest and down to earth your writing is. So..... I totally support you and your blog.

Having said that, I'm going to "talk" to you as I would one of my friends. Here goes..."I love what you're doing. You have so many wonderful things going on in your life right now and you're so creative, but have you considered that it's hard to focus on your school when you have so many personal distractions? Blogging, photography, and the ther contributions you make are very valuable and worthy, but I'd like to encourage you to pray about what needs to be a priority. And what needs to be put on hold. I'm concerned that you're going to burn out and that your children will feel a lot of the effect. As a fellow homeschooler, I know what it takes to get it all done each day. It's a very full load. Add to that a little cutie pie who has his own special needs during the day and you've got a real load to carry - a worthwhile one for certain- but a full day no less."

Ok, that's my spiel. I don't mean to offend, and I hope that you take it in the way in which it was intended, from one homeschool mommy to another :)


Eva said...

First Day?! Ours isn't even scheduled to begin until next month! Am I a little behind? I love your honesty especially the maiming part, now I know I am not alone in my empty threats! LOL
Blessings to you for your new school year.

Brandi said...

You gave me the giggles. Sounds a lot like our day. We've been at it a week and a half though. I had this brilliant idea to start early and have a "warm up" week to adjust because I too have a baby to contend with this year.

My 4 (almost 5) year old is also joining in the mix for the first time and bouncing between him and my 9 year old while taking care of the baby is exhausting.

Good luck to you! :)

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Cheering you on from here!
You are so doing WONDERFUL!

Love is what matters....

All's grace,



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