August 06, 2009

Pep-Talks and Priorities

I'm trying to stick to my guns and stay off the computer lately. Yes, with homeschool kind-of started (lack of finishing touches on my planning is keeping us on a half-day schedule) and all these book fairs and online conferences, I'm finding that there is little of me to go around. Twitter, Facebook, and blogging are fun... but sleep is necessary - and so are the priorities. I wrote about not letting your priorities slide while you keep up your online presence over at the Homeschool Post. In case you didn't catch that article, it's a good one - especially in light of school coming up.

The good thing about my current distractions are:

1. The baby is twenty-thousand kinds of wonderful.

2. The online conference has been GREAT (and I plan to relish the audio files when it is over)!

3. The kids are helping to get organized and seeing the necessity in the process.

4. The real-life conferences I have attended are providing me with great pep-talks and a chance to get back in the 'groove' of homeschool mom after my mind has been pickled with pregnancy hormones and postpartum chaos.

Yep, I'm going to another REAL LIFE homeschool conference. This one is in Houston. Well, technically, it's in The Woodlands. And don't forget to capitalize your ' The '. I've been to a good many conferences in Texas, and this one is the one I haven't yet attended. I have been hearing great things and I happen to know a few bloggy faces that will be there. So if you are planning to attend the H-Town event, please give me a shout out and let me know!

In the mean time, enjoy your summer or your homeschool planning. August is upon us!

Photo credit: City of Houston website.

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Tracy said...

Would have been fun...I was suppose to go, but moving got it the way!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Be there or be square.

Christi said...

I wanted to go. I had planned on going. But then my grandmother's 80th birthday was planned for that weekend.

And last year it was on her birthday weekend.

They need to move it to another month.

But anyway, I went a few years ago and loved it.

Have fun! OH and by the way, I found you through last years HOTM conference that I just downloaded.

Sheri said...

I am going to have to listen to the audios later. I keep missing them.

Sherry said...

I'm planning to be there tomorrow and Saturday. See you there.

MommyLydia said...

Book fairs? Where are book fairs I am missing?

Is it okay to go to homeschool conferences before your kid is old enough? Not that I can go to this one -- moving.

rural momma said...

I have never been to a real life homeschool conference. Never. I have heard great things about them though, and I hope you have fun at yours!! :o)
As for the internet thing, I can totally relate. One thing I have going for me is that I'm a pretty fast typist, so I can write a blog post and even comments quickly. ;o) I'm so glad that HOTM Homeschool Conference will be having the podcast downloads, because I have missed a good portion of it due to life happening here. :o)

Mozer said...

Sounds fun! I've never been to a real-life homeschool conference. Maybe next year. Oh and congrats. on winning that sweet lens!!

Unknown said...

I am so jelous of you this morning! Can we switch places for the day! I can be you and you can be me :D

Congrats on the win! It looks like a wonderful lens!

Drew said...

How lucky are you!!! :) Congratulations on the I ♥ Faces win!

Jenny Froh said...

Just stopping by to say Congratulations on winning the Tamron Lens! That is super cool!!!

Ginger said...

Congrats on the lens!!!!

I Heart Faces said...


Kimberly Petty said...

Congratulations on the lens win, you deserve it! I am however, very jealous! I like your blog and will be back to read often. (Especially to see the pictures you are producing with the lens :-)

Melissa Stover said...

you better get back on the computer to see you won the lens! awesome! i'm so jealous.


Congratulations on winning that lense. I have that same lense and absolutely love it. I did not know about the contest but I sure would have entered just to win one for my husbands Canon 50D. I loooove my LENSE!! Have fun with it!!!

Karin Katherine said...

Wow, more than one conference IRL? I cannot imagine!



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