August 21, 2009

The Post in Which I Tell You I Can't Post

There are Famous Amos cookie crumbs on my lesson planner. Three cups with various unfinished drinks on my desk. A purse, a stack of diapers, a handful of clean bibs and baby outfits, things I'm selling on Craig's List, cords, stacks of paper, books, - OH! There's my wallet!

My laundry pile in the bedroom is gone, but there is now a new mountain of it forming on the couch behind me. The file cabinet is open and the camera case empty. Where did I put that dratted camera, anyway?

Maybe I can talk the husband in to stopping a few times to take a picture on our 'field trip' today. I suppose I could call it that - it is educational to load furniture, right? Well, maybe not for my kids since we've moved 13 times or more in our nearly 17 year marriage.

What I'm trying to say is... chaos is finding me. And there's no time to post. Not until the shiny silver refrigerator is hooked up in my house (we're buying it used at a really cheap price from a friend).

And I'm sorry about the mess that Photobucket made of my blog the last 40 hours or so. And I promise to get the school photos up as soon as possible, Darcy!

Please forgive. Must go now.

Be sure to enter to win a shiny, HUGE, beautiful, expensive Bible over at the Post while I'm away!!!

1 comment:

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

I hear ya! Chaos visits way too often at our house. I've been gently easing him back out the door the last few weeks.
Personally, he's not really that great of a guest, ya know?

So here's hoping you can get him kicked out of your house pretty quickly. Sometimes he puts up a fight but stay on him and tell him he has to go anyway! =)



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