September 09, 2009

Getting Creative: Combining Subjects

It doesn't take you being the Great Creator to come up with ideas on how to combine subjects for school. However, if you are having trouble with the concept of doing more things at once to save time - you can always crack open a KONOS curriculum manual and browse for ideas. I guess after using KONOS so long with unit studies, my brain just works in that manner. Take for instance our History co-op day...

We read Ruth Beechick's "Adam and His Kin" to the children WHILE they created these lovely History Notebook assignments (the 6 days of Creation) and covered ART - HISTORY - READING - and BIBLE all at once! Then we threw in a video on floods and winds at the end to cover Science and Nature. 5 Subjects in one. Our homework assignment for the co-op was to write a narrative from the perspective of someone living on the Ark. And to research the expeditions sent to find the Ark along with reading and scientific videos on the topic. That adds another two subjects in to the mix (WRITING and SCIENCE). Now we're up to 7 subjects when we're done.

If you are in a state where keeping score of your time in each subject is mandatory, overlapping your subjects is the way to go! Homeschooling doesn't have to take up 8 hours a day when you use this method. The kids will be thrilled with a huge chunk of free time for independent learning or just pure old fashioned PLAY at the end of your scheduled (combined) assignments.

After all, kids (and moms) need some free time every day!


Autumn said...

I couldn't imagine not combining "subjects"! So much more efficient and I'm all about getting it done quickly :D

jennifer said...

i use konos too... sometimes I love it and others day not so much- but yep, noting like combining work! with the baby coming, yet another move AND my parents moving in, konos is either going to end up as my lifesaver or my stumbling block this year

Mrs. Darling said...

I use this method some but I cant use it to that extent because I teach learning disabled kids along with my own and they just need the nitty gritty or they would never learn to read or add. I love the Kunos way of doing it though.

Tracy said...

Cool beans dudette!

Kara said...

How fun and what a great way to combine subjects. I love that!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

We're learning to combine more and more! It almost feels too easy :)

Pure Perseverance said...

Ahhh...ex-KONOS friend...that was how I found out about you. About 3 or 4 years ago, I went searching for charts to use with our KONOS to keep us organized. The search led me to you. Then I quite using KONOS, so I didn't check in with your blog much. Then, I "saw" you again at The Post. Full circle, I tell you.

Yes, this combining method is terrriffic! I'm with Becca, it almost feels too easy ;o)

Thanks, for the advice!

Sisterlisa said...

Great project!!



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