September 22, 2009

While the Queen is away...

...the worker bees High-jack her blog! (hee hee)
No, really I am here, with her permission. She wanted me to tell you "to eat your veggies" and to ask you to pray for her and the kids, while they are traveling. Also pray that she will have a time of refreshing and renewal and that she will come home with a new vision and new friendships!
Did you know that inside of a Beehive, besides the worker bees making the wax, honeycomb, honey, royal jelly and beebread {man, we DO all the work!}. They also pet and care for their Queen, she is the mother of all the bees in the hive. So, if you would like to take care of this Queen Bee you can do so by donating to her fund for this trip, she is already on, it's not too late! There is a button on the sidebar at the bottom for donations {Tip Jar!}.

She will so appreciate it! Blessings~

Heather's friend Tracy from over at:


ProjectHope7 said...

TRACY when a person clicks on the twitter link it only comes to the main page and its very hard to find anything about sponsorship. if you could bring the typeamom sponsorship back to the front page for a repost I am sure no one will mind. remember when requesting help for Heather there will be some that dont know her and wont want to hunt thru her site to look for the donating part of the blog. alos if you could include her paypal donate button at the end of that post on the first page it would be great! thanks. cathy b

Tracy said...

I fixed it all, I think.

Jen said...

I thought your guest post was adorable!!! Thanks for the bee information too! :)



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