October 25, 2009

Home Made Grocery Cart Cover

My aunt can sew. I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but somehow it hasn't happened yet. I'm a little busy, you know. As much as I love home made things, I have to wait until they are given to me to get them; because I have no time to make them or money to buy them. Thankfully we have some talent in the family... and I lucked out that my aunt sent me a little something in the mail this past week for baby K.

I knew I had to share her cute little grocery cart cover: just look at that grinning baby face below. He loved his first ride in the Wal-Mart shopping cart today. In the past day he's gotten to ride in the stroller (without the infant car seat) facing forward, and ride in the grocery cart! What a big boy he is! Literally. The kid's feet are now hanging over the edge of the infant car seat and I think he has exceeded its weight limit. He's going to have a lot of fun being more 'in the action' riding along with our busy family where he can see the world.

Thanks to my aunt, we can leave the heavy carrier behind and just bring the Viking along with his diaper bag. She also included little pockets on the inside that can hold a passy, bottle, or cell phone (but my cell phone would be eaten if it were that close to baby's chubby's fingers). The only things that would make it better would be more padding (in case baby tumbled and bumped his head on the rail by leaning too far to one side) and maybe a loop hole on one of the pockets so that we could attach a pacifier CLIP to prevent the passy from falling on the grimy grocery store floor. Hey - she might even put her own little velcrow strip in there with a loop on the end of it so that it can stop other toys or sippy cups from falling to the floor, too!

Another reason I wanted to tell you about these cool cart covers is that she's making them for sale. I even talked her in to donating one for the Homeschool Blog Awards. For reals!

I hope Aunt Nee does good with her sewing business. What a nice skill to have. She wants me to set her up a blog so she can share all her goodies with you wonderful people. Hopefully the basics of blogging won't be too hard for her, because it would be a shame if she wasn't able to showcase all her soft creations with the world. Her sewing has blessed many a baby in our family.

Thanks again, Aunt Nee - for the neat hand made gift. I already feel better about taking my 'calipitter' to the grocery store since he won't be touching all those scary flu germs on the cart handle. I know we'll get a lot of use out of it!


Tracy said...


MommyLydia said...

Check his weight. Note that legs extending beyond the infant seat (or any car seat) does not in any way indicate the car seat has been outgrown. But they are outgrown when they outgrow the weight limits or (more commonly) when their head is within 1 inch of the top of the seat. (Obed, by weight, could still fit his infant seat now, at 2 years+. But he's WAY too tall of torso. His head sticks out above!)

Unknown said...

Very cute! I've got a little one coming in a few weeks so I'm going to need one of those.

My eldest daughter's legs dangled from her infant carseat long before she weighed enough to graduate to the next stage. I think she was almost two before she "graduated." ~K

MommyLydia said...

PS about shopping cart covers. I'm not at all germ-phobic. But I have found my son tolerates sitting in the shopping cart longer when he's in the shopping cart cover than when he is not.

Melissa Stover said...


Amy said...

Absolutely A-Dorable! Love love it!

:) Wish I could sew, and I would so make some of these for some expectant momma friends!

Hugs.. Amy



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