November 01, 2009

Texas Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot for Nov 3

Here's your token political post for the 'semester'. You all know by now that I get on a political soap box every six months or so when something crosses my radar. Other than that, I like to live and let live - and feel that our government should do the same. As long as we aren't breaking the laws, they should leave us all alone and go after those who are... instead of coming up with new laws and taxes to suck the life out of everyone who's just trying to survive and thrive in this great land. The less government there is, the better.

If you 'ain't a Texan, you might wanna just mosey on along.

This post is for the November 3rd ballot here in the Lone Star State.
Here below is how the Bee will vote after reading a few voter guides (and the non-legalese reasons as to why). I don't much like all that legal-term mumbo-jumbo. If you want to get it done, just put it in plain English and let's talk it over like good cowgirls and cowboys should. No need to two-step a circle around it unless there's a "snake in your boot".

PROP 1 - NO (we don't need any new property taxes in the midst of a recession)

PROP 2 - YES (we should tax homes on current use - not future projected values)

PROP 3 - NO (we don't want to give up local control to state-level)

PROP 4 - NO - (the amendment needs more provision/assessments for later reviews)

PROP 5 - NO (outsiders don't know the property well enough to judge)

PROP 6 - NO (elected officials need to be held accountable)

PROP 7 - YES (Texas State Guard deserves same rights as National Guard)

PROP 8 - NO (We don't need more govt. red tape/constitutional amendments so that state can work with the government to provide better care for veterans)

PROP 9 - NO (the amendment needs wording to protect property owners that had private structures along the coastline prior to hurricane Ike)

PROP 10 - NO (if district boards can levy taxes, they should serve only 2 year terms so we as taxpayers can hold them more accountable)

PROP 11 - YES (eminent domain land seizure is serious and property owners should get all the protection our constitution can afford)

My cheat sheet? "No on everything except 2, 7, and 11"

Want to know where to go to vote? Check out the Texas Secretary of State's website. Hopefully you are already registered from the past presidential election... and hopefully if you voted for the current federal administration, you are regretting it severely. Ha! Thought I would throw that in while free speech is still legal.

My motto: If it 'ain't broke, don't fix it. Texas is in good shape compared to a lot of states - and our constitution seems to be working as well as it can with the current level of Federal interference.

I love living in the land of the 'freer than up there' (even if our property taxes are way too high). And as much as I whine about not getting to wear my sweaters, boots and fur coat long enough each winter... I'm more than glad to let the icy and snowy states keep all that slush for our vacation time. I'd go crazy if I were cooped up in the house for too long. Snow is a Christmas card and once-every-other-few-years treat... and it can stay that way. Although, I might be whistling a different tune come next August.


April said...

Now do you want to come and figure out our ballot for me??? I too would like it in plain english.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Interesting. I don't think we voted the same on everything... but I can't remember. I researched and then wrote down how I wanted to vote.

I think the problem is that there is not enough clarification on some of these things. The language is too broad!

I am all for leaving the gov't leaving my property alone, leaving taxes alone, the federal government keeping their end of the bargain, the state government improving what they can, and NO on the imminent domain. I want to know that when I own my land and house, that *I* own it-- not the government!



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