January 15, 2010

A Blogger's Bliss

I've been blogging since 2005. Five long years of 'bliss'. It has given me a voice, given me a creative outlet, helped me work on my writing skills, and most importantly - it has blessed my life with an amazing set of invisible friends that I have grown to love. The sad thing about these friends is that I don't get to see them in real life.

Except when I attend blog conferences!

Blog Conferences are expensive, but they provide us with amazing opportunities to better our blogging skills (business, computer, graphic and writing), meet other bloggers, network with PR people who help us make a little money and give us free products, and we get to have a lot of fun!

For me, the people and the fun are the important part. Especially since I take my kids on the trip with me. They love these 'field trips' and are excited to do carschool and see the USA from the back seat! We don't get to travel since we live on one income and usually just go see our family every time we get time off... so these conferences (the ones we can attend) are a huge adventure for the children and I (and my mom - who comes along to help with the baby).

Blissdom (the conference put on by Blissfully Domestic Online Magazine and run by Alli Worthington) is in 2 short weeks... Feb. 4-6 in Nashville, TN. Many of my blog friends are going and I really want to be there. I didn't think it was possible to raise enough money to go, but when I had a few friends offer to pray (too many to list), meet up (Robin), and ride (Karen) with me... and help a little with gas and possibly hotel, I decided to 'follow my bliss'.

Too bad Blog Conferences are so expensive! That's where you come in. I need sponsors and donors to help get us there. The total for the trip with gas, food, hotel and conference is 900$. WOW. And that's with eating out of a cooler most of the drive.

I know that it seems impossible, but "nothing is impossible with God."

If you are a sponsor interested in partnering with me, I have created a media kit for my blog with lots of information. Email me and I'll send it to you.

If you are a kind-hearted friend that wants to give us the gift of a sandwich or a tank of gas, please join Brenna (my first donation!) - and use the Paypal tip jar in my sidebar, or the handy button above to leave me a few bucks towards our goal.

I appreciate you sending me towards my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

I'm entering this post in the Blissfully Domestic Give-Away! Yay! I hope I can get them to help me follow my bliss!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for this blog. It's such an encouragement to this first time homeschooler. And you've inspired me to start my own blog, Why is the Dust Dancing :D I would love to donate something. I'm giving towards relief towards Haiti, and wanted to encourage everyone on here to do the same (as well as contribute to your fund:)

May the Lord bless you!!

Meesa said...

130 bucks is a great start, mamma! You are doing good so far!!! I love you.

Alison said...

Good luck!



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