January 31, 2010

The Crazy Before the Trip

It's only two days until we head out of town for Blissdom. We've been busy little bees.

What has gotten done towards preparing for our Tennessee trip?

* I managed to bulldoze Mount Laundry with the help of the whole family (minus the baby who isn't much help in any arena)
* We got the oil changed, the tires checked, the air filter changed in our vehicle
* I used my birthday money from my mother-in-law at Macy's to pick up a few holiday sale items and two plain shell tanks that will go under a multitude of jackets or look great in layers
* We got chia-boy's hair cut so he'll be presentable at the Opryland Hotel
* I paid the bills and updated the checkbook
* I prepared our tax documents for the tax man aside from two missing forms that haven't arrived yet
* I got my swag in the mail from Springpad to pass out at Blissdom
* I bought groceries for our trip at Walmart and packed them in boxes on the dining room table (aside from the cold stuff that will need to be packed in a cooler)
* While purchasing my groceries I learned how to use my Springpad account as a grocery tool - checking off my grocery list on their mobile version of the site (easier than the grocery app on my iPhone and FREE)
* I got myself some unmentionables (on sale) at Victoria's Secret (a gift to myself that I have been planning since before I had the baby 10 months ago!) - I figure I might as well be comfortable while I'm busy walking a mile a day in the 'biodome'
* I changed the sheets on all 4 beds in the house and disinfected our 3 bathrooms
* We caught up on backlogged dishes
* I tried on nearly everything in my closet looking for outfits to wear to Blissdom
* I took my daughter to Ross to buy a dress for an event she may attend with me at Blissdom (to help with the baby)
* I went through the Blissdom agenda and tried to narrow down what sessions I was going to attend when I got there
* We opened a charge line at Home Depot and finally broke down and bought a washer and dryer to replace the broken set we have (wringing out clothes for months on end and ruining our hands finally got the better of us)

So now you see why I haven't been blogging. It has been a tad on the crazy side in the bee hive. I'm sure things will settle down again after the Blissdom 'buzz' has subsided and our wonderful trip has come to an end. You can better believe I'll be taking pictures and making memories to blog about for the next week or so.

While I'm busy packing and loading up the car for our trip, be sure to check out my guest article over at "Complete Organizing Solutions". I wrote about tackling the homeschool clutter; something I know every homeschool mama struggles with! Leave me a comment there to let me know you visited!

Are you a blog buddy who wants to help me out with a guest post while I'm away? Drop me a note via my contact button up top and let me know what day you can post. I'll be on the road from Tuesday through Monday - almost a full week...

...following my 'bliss'.


April said...

What kind of washer & dryer?? We replaced our washer last year, with a front loader Bosch, and are starting to research a new dryer. We are wanting an energy efficent one as well.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i am so excited about blissdom! can't wait to see y'all there! :)

Aprile said...

Can't wait to hear updates from Blissdom!! If you are thinking of getting preggo again see if you can find SuperJenn she will be passing out maternity tees!

Meesa said...

Oh my dear we leave tomorrow!!!!!!!!! *gasp* we have so much to get done and cute post. ;) lucky we already got shopping done, eh? :)

Sprittibee said...

April - we got an LG frontloader. Consumer reports were awesome for this particular model. It actually stacks, so we can salvage a little more of our laundry room to fold clothes and keep the piles from spilling out in the hallway. I hate looking at dirty laundry on the floor. I'm going to go to IKEA and get a cubby-type cabinet that we can put an MDF board counter on top of. Hopefully I can find something that will house cubbies big enough to put laundry baskets in. One for Whites, Colors, Jeans, and Darks. ;) When I get back from the trip, I'm going to see about painting the laundry room walls first. How dreamy it will be to finally have this project done! Yay for almost having the cars paid off. :) We are hoping to be out of debt by the end of this year so we can have these washer/dryers paid off before there is interest or payments!

Marshie-poo! I can't wait to hug your neck!!!

Aprile... I have a few guest bloggers that I'll be sharing updates with who will be filling everyone in while I'm busy. They keep a really busy schedule there, so I doubt I'll have time to do much blogging myself! I'm booked from Wednesday through Sunday! Then we are on the road the rest of the time (2 days there, 2 days back).

Meesa - Thanks for helping your mama with the baby and planning/packing. You are a sweetheart. I love you!

Kara said...

Sounds very busy, but exciting! I'll be heading over to read that article on homeschool clutter:)

Unknown said...

Hey sweetie, I can guest post on one of the days you are gone. Let me know when. xoxo

Sturgmom said...

Wow- just reading your list makes me tired! You have been working hard. All the preparations that moms have to make before they go out of town, makes you even happier to be getting away for a few days!!



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