January 13, 2010

i heart faces: Bug Boy

Happy Birthday to I Heart Faces! It's all the rage. If you haven't been there to see their amazing photos, you have to go.

Now that there are like 1,000 entries per challenge, I'm pretty sure I have no hope of winning. Especially since I:

1. Don't have Photoshop yet
2. Don't have any actions to use in Lightroom yet
3. Don't really know what I'm doing in either program
4. Broke my amazingly expensive camera over the holidays when it fell out of the back of my vehicle on to the pavement - committing suicide and killing my 50mm lens along with it
5. Needed a number five to make it an official list

I'm not exactly sure what the theme meant when it said "Best Face Photo". That could mean a LOT of things. Best Face could mean:

1. The person or animal in the photo has the best face
2. The person taking the photo THINKS that person or animal has the best face
3. The person or animal in the photo has the best facial expression
4. The person taking the photo likes that particular photo and thinks it is the best facial photograph they have ever taken
5. The person submitting the photo thinks that the judges will think it's the best face photo


Are you confused yet? Me too.

Anyway, the picture I picked is probably not my best. I even used 35mm FILM for this shot! Remember those days? It was taken long before I set out to 'BECOME' a photographer. Unless you count that stint in college when I took black and white photography, after I dropped out of journalism class because the teacher said he was going to give us a test on the WHOLE newspaper. But I digress...

I just love this photo.

I have tons more of wonderful pictures of my kids. Have you noticed that I love taking their pictures? It's a sickness. This little boy is about to turn 13 years old. My first teenager. My look-alike. My twin personality. My sweet Kaden. I lurve him.

Him and his bugs. He loves bugs. I love bugs, too... secretly. But that's for another blog post.


WendysPhotos said...

Hey, this is natural and I love it! What a moment to capture! How did you ever happen to be there at the right time! I love his eyes looking at the dragonfly! And he must not have screamed like a lot of us girls would do! Great colors and nice blurred background. You did just great!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet capture and great expression. Nice!

michelle said...

Heather, I think this is a great face shot! I love it from his eyebrows to his slightly pursed lips. And as a mom of 4 boys, I love it!

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks! He just caught an earwig and brought it over to my computer in the dark... so I could see it's profile (tiny wriggling antennae peeking out above his pinched fingers) against the bright screen. This kid truly loves his bugs.

Anonymous said...

This is a great picture. i'm sure you have a chance.

I Heart Faces said...

That is awesome. My son would have freaked out with a bug on his nose! ha!

I Heart Faces

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I've always loved this shot. You know it doesn't take PS and actions for good pix, silly girl. This one is awesome!

Robyn | Add a Pinch said...

I love this picture and I absolutely love this post. You know why? It made me CRY! Dad gone it, it did! It caused me to have a flash forward of my Little Buddy now (a bug loving 8 year old) to then (an almost 13 year old). How quickly our children grow.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this picture. Gotta be my favorite hands-down!

Rhonda said...

This is one of those once in a lifetime pictures. I mean, what are the chances that a dragonfly will land on a face that you are ready to photograph again?



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