January 05, 2010

My New Holiday

Good thing I have lots of older photos to put in my posts. Sorry if they tend to lean towards ONE subject. It's hard not to look at that little face.

As for this little guy, he's coming in to his own little personality lately. He's a big-chested, muscular, tall, handsome little man. Not to mention, he's extremely independent. He beats to his own drum.

It's good to have a strong will if you can channel it in to something productive.

Having him in the house is a challenge after 8 years of no diapers. 8 years of sleeping through the night is good for a mama. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks - and figuring out how to manage a homeschool schedule with a baby in the house is CERTAINLY a new trick!

So that brings me to my new holiday....

I have declared today "Catch-up-on-Math, Unpack-the-Suitcases, Tackle-the-Laundry, Take-Down-the-Tree, Clean-Up-the-House, Pay-the-Bills Day".

See? I can beat to my own drum, too. That's what I love about homeschooling. We can do our own thing. For now anyway. The way this international-leaning socialist agenda is going, I wonder how long our freedoms will remain in tact.

A gear that thinks for itself is not such a great watch part. Ifin-ya-know what I mean.

But that's another blog post. For a much unhappier day. If there are still blogs then, of course.

So how about a 'Catch Up Day' (for short) List? Mind you, this isn't my 2010 List... but it is the one that has to be done first - before I can get organized enough to make my "BIG FAT" list for the year.

Here you go. I know you're dying to know what this new holiday is all about.


All Math Redo Pages
Grade Math Pages
Enter Grades in Homeschool Tracker
Unpack suitcases
Put suitcases in garage
Bring in Christmas boxes from garage
Gather Christmas items from all over the house
Wash, fold, hang, put away laundry
Take Christmas tree down
Put all Christmas boxes in garage
Sweep the stairs
Sweep the kitchen
Mop the kitchen
Clean the kitchen
Clean out the fridge
Cook lunch and dinner
Use up the bell peppers (can you freeze bell peppers?)
Clean bathrooms
Help daughter clean her room
Change sheets
Declutter my closet
Call my friend and ask what size her little baby boy is wearing
Call and get my toll tag account issues fixed
Call and get our health insurance issues fixed for husband's employer
Sweep garage and porches
Tidy house and clean up piles of papers and books left around after vacation
Enter receipts and bills in checkbook
Pay bills
Update checkbook and reconcile with bank statement
File paperwork
Update calendar
School Planning
Read with kids
Bathe baby
Finish reading my book

How's that for a day's work? Sadly, I thought I could get back to a full school schedule yesterday BEFORE I got to all those things. Needless to say, our first day back was a troubled mess.

My yesterday tweets:

9:00 am (after taking daddy to work by 7, getting breakfast tacos, & putting the baby down for a nap to start school...)

12:00 noon (lunch time...)

2:30 pm (tempers flare...)

Not sure what time...

I figured I'd give the kids a bit of a 'school holiday' today - after our FAIL yesterday - by getting our act together first. It's a teacher & kids 'in service' day. Service to our family. Service to the greater good of mama's mental state. That's my kind-a service.

It helps to have your act together if you want to homeschool with success.

Aside from the math part (which they hate), I'm sure they'll be glad to help mama get her ducks in a row. They know that they will be beneficiaries.


Amico Dio said...

And tomorrow you should take a mommy holiday. You know, the kind where you soak in the tub for an hour then eat ice cream while watching your favorite movie on TV.

Oh wait, that would mean that the next day would have to be an official "CUMPUSTLTDTCUHPB" holiday again.

Oh well. At least the rosy baby cheeks are adorable to look at.

Michelle said...

I could have written that post-maybe not as hilariously, but nevertheless, our first day back was much like that, but because our son has learning challenges and needs a couple days back to get himself back on track, I had to persevere and start again today!

Are you really going to do all that in one day?!! No wonder your other name is Sprittibee!

Have a great day!

Tracy said...

Quack Quack...you NEED to schedule these once a MONTH!

Poppy said...

I love your new holiday! We need to have a similar one at our house from time to time.

Amber said...

Ahhh... it's good to see a list. :-)

Anonymous said...

You most definitely can freeze green peppers. After all, they're available for purchase in your local supermarket's frozen food section. Diced, of course. Right alongside the diced onions.

Love your lists- they inspire me :)

Unknown said...

With an 11 year old, nearly 8 year old and a 1 year old, I SOOOOOO get where you are. By the way, your to do list is unreasonable for a family that sends their children to school and doesn't have a baby...it makes me exhausted just thinking about. Remember there are no Christmas decorations police. It's ok if you don't get it down until, say, this weekend. Really! It will get done before Valentine's Day! :)


Unknown said...

OMGoodness! That is a long list! I like your blog! Hope your day gets better!


Can do mom said...

Ummmm, so funny. I had a blog post a few days ago about my revelation of NOT getting the Christmas stuff down and put away until next weekend. I guess I'm not the only one who couldn't get it all done. Makes me feel better! Plus my youngest begged to keep the tree up until after his birthday (which is today) so it all worked out.

Your blog looks great. I'm kinda new to this blogging thing. My 16yo dd set me up and I'm trying to figure it all out...

Can do mom
Homeschool mom of three

Tammy said...

Ohhhhh, dear! That is SOME list, Heather! LOLOLOL! Ahhh, but your intentions were right, so you get an A+ for organization of your list. Of course, the greatest lesson ever learned by a homeschool mom is some days you just have to go with the flow and adding a baby into the mix means MOST days you have to go with that kind of flexibility. I know it seems like a bunch of impossible days in a row, but honestly,I miss having a baby around the house... It truly does pass much too quickly!

Tammy ~@~



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