February 03, 2010

Blissdom Limerick

There once was a girl named Heather
To Blissdom she went with Goodwill pants made of pleather
There's no way you will miss her
In tow are her kids and a her cooler
No doubt she'll come back with all her thoughts put ToGEtHeR

Can you imagine how much fun Heather is having right now?! Nothing better than driving many, many, m.a.n.y. hours in a car with children. Ah, the bliss. Who needs spas or a solitary trip to the bathroom when you can have that?

But, she does have a sweet destination to set her eyes on. While all of us non-Blissers carry on with the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, the "oh, you broke my Willow Tree figurine? no problem :(", the "honey, you really should vacuum today"-- you know LIFE at home, she will be free from those duties.

Only a wife and mother would call hours in a car, hotel rooms with children and crowds of people a vacation. I mean, really, when you step back and look at it it's insanity!

Alas, that insanity does include seeing Harry Connick Jr. Not too shabby.

Hope you've reached Blissdom by now, Heather!

Kerville Homeschoolers


Far Above Rubies said...

Very witty and true. Thanks for sharing. xox


Sprittibee said...

Ha! Leaving the duties? I wrassled the 10 month old for hours tonight while all the other kidless moms enjoyed their swanky dinner. He decided to throw his toys, steal people's silverware and beat it on the table, and spit chocolate on my dress. That's the thanks I get for taking him along instead of leaving him with granny and siblings!

I may need a vacation when I get back, but it is fun... and the people "get it" (they are blog addicts, too)!

Autumn Beck said...

Heather, I always know I can turn to you for a good laugh :D

I'll pray for a good night's sleep!



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