February 12, 2010

The Blissdom Recap that Isn't a Recap

"Wow, this conference rocks!"

Six whole days. I can't believe I haven't blogged in six days. I don't think I've been gone that long from this blog in my entire ancient history of blogging. And you know I'm an 'old' blog because the Nester said, "Aren't you really old?" to me at Blissdom. She forever apologized for calling me old and explained through and through that she MEANT my BLOG, but I got a kick out of it, anyway. I've been called much, much worse.

"Delta walkway towards the Conference center (boat ride goes under the bridge!)"

I might have even been called worse things by the hotel staff at the Gaylord Opryland... which turned in to a really snazzy, posh, version of 'Hotel California' - from which you can't escape. Although, I didn't really WANT to escape from the Opryland - I just wanted my mother to escape the hospital (where she got stuck after going in to diabetic shock and nearly dying in Nashville). So our Blissdom conference 'weekend' turned in to nearly a week at the Gaylord. And finally, on the last two days there, I learned my way around the place; which was a huge feat because that hotel is like a city under glass. A really pretty, tropical landscaped, fantastic city. That costs more money to stay at than any other hotel I have ever been to. So if you want to go there - be sure to attend Blissdom next year to get the conference hotel rate... which the hotel was nice enough to extend to those who got stuck due to snow - or life-and-death medical situations. Ahem.

"Everything here under a glass canopy. Amazing chandelier."

So. I'm finally home from Blissdom. Yes, folks, the LAST Blissdom attendee to leave the Opryland has finally made it back to reality. Alli Worthington said "You win!" And because of the DRAMA of the hospital stay for my mom, the wallet I lost (and subsequently found after driving home 16 hours in the car STRAIGHT through the night because I had no ID to check in to a hotel at midnight), and the incredible amount of laundry and unpacking that still has yet to be done... sorry for the run-on sentence... my brain is toast.

"Delta Garden fountain light show."

There's just no way to produce a worthy Blissdom recap without time to absorb my thoughts, simmer on my memories, look through my swag, savor the Blissdom twitter stream and all my warm fuzzy feelings towards the familiar faces there.

It is too great a task to write such an important post without TIME and THOUGHT.

And did I mention that it was my son's birthday yesterday? I now have a TEENAGER. So Nester, you were right about me. I am old.

"Life in Grace, Nesting Place, and flat Robyn of Our Homeschool Home - all of whom I adore."

We're taking him to Fuddruckers tonight for a burger. I love it when birthday dinners prevent me from having to cook. Especially when the amount of laundry that still has to be done could fill a swimming pool (remember: I took 5 people with me to Blissdom).

"Lunch at Volare with George Duran and ConAgra/Hunts"

So until then... you can browse my amazing flickr pool of Blissdom pictures. There's just no way to explain what a great conference it was. Super speakers, great sponsors, delicious food, fun friends, and inspiration to take away. I hope that I can go to next year's Blissdom. I'm going to start saving early - and hope you will, too! This year's conference sold out well ahead of time, so be sure to get your ticket before they all disappear.

"Snow-watchers, lamenting the loss of our blog friends after they left us at the hotel."

Until I have time to do a Blissdom recap justice, why not head over and read a few off of the link-up below. I plan on reading through them this weekend while I blast through the laundry, unpack the last of my suitcases, pay my bills, finish updating my homeschool plans, print out a menu for next week, and work on getting the Homeschool Post back online.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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Melissa Stover said...

that was so awful that your mom got sick and you had to stay so long. i'm glad you're finally home safe.

Catherine Anne said...

I wanted to go. I love seeing all the Blisdom post!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so thankful that your mom was released and that all of you made it home safely!

I can't even think of a blissdom recap right now. My brain is in overload.

What an incredible time!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I had no idea that your mom had medical issues while you were there. Glad she's okay and you're all home safe & sound.

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Your pictures are amazing! I got 2 pictures of the place and they were horrible. And I never made it to the boat area - so sad! Next year, right?

Thanks for linking up on my Blissdom Recap link up. Sorry it has taken me so long to get over to read your Blissdom posts!




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